Thursday, July 22, 2010

Procedure postponed ...

So nice and super courteous, to receive a phone call less than 24 hours before a scheduled procedure,having all the kids and schedules figured out,which is often no small feat,and be told,that they have to cancel.Frustrating.The old Heather most likely would have been fairly ticked off but the beauty of Miss Zoey has allowed me to not sweat the small stuff.Most of the time.Not always.Just ask my husband and children.

Needless to say, we are a no go for Zoey's eye surgery tomorrow.Well,it's more like a procedure,given all the other actual surgeries she has endured in her little lifetime.A simple probe of her right tear duct.We have been running circles trying to keep it infection free and now that chemo and seizures and all that good or not so good stuff is over,we can address the easy stuff.Oh how I embrace the easy stuff.About time,in my opinion.Zoey will also have a complete eye exam while she is under, to ensure she still is not in need of glasses.Given the area damaged by Zoey's major stroke, there was a real possibility of the optic nerve being damaged but by the grace of God she skirted that.We do know she has midline over, peripheral eyesight loss,definitely in her left and possibly in her right but really nothing that glasses could ever correct.Oh and remember how I said "simple" probe?Well,the doctor informed me that there is a small percentage of the DS children that don't actually HAVE a tear duct.She kept emphasizing "small percentage",to which I have nothing to say to that as we all know... Zoey has fallen into every small percentage known to man.Small percentage means nothing to me.So here's praying that Miss Z does indeed have a tear duct.Would be nice to hit that higher percentage for once,don't you think?

And why the cancellation?We can blame MRSA again.She does not actively show signs of it now but since we have had 3 outbreaks,she is considered colonized and needs to be in a main OR opposed to CHLA's surgi-center.Added precautions there.I suppose I could have been "remiss" and not mentioned the MRSA when we had our pre-op appointment but ... what's an honest girl gonna do?Had to tell them.So we are re-scheduled for August the 4th.What blew my mind the most was when she said the August the 4th part.I was immediately thinking"That far out?Until I realized,much to my dismay, that it IS almost August .... how could it be August already?Summer is vanishing right before my eyes.Trying like crazy to hold onto it a bit longer but try as I might,no such luck.

We are beginning to catch our breath after the whirlwind of the last few weeks.Having Charlotte's party forced us to settle into the new house in record time.Which,in the end,was kind of nice.Given my obsessive/control freakish nature,it worked totally to my benefit.Still more to get done but on the whole,we are in great shape.

That's all for now.The upside of surgery being cancelled is that we are back on track for Friday beach day.Cannot wait.


Rochelle said...

The beach sounds better than tear duct probing any day (and I would bet Zoey agrees =)!
Sorry it was rescheduled though, I know that has to be a job getting everyone covered while you are gone.
God's timing is perfect and I am thankful they are taking extra special precautions with that sweet princess of yours.
We will pray that all goes well on August 4th and that she does indeed have a tear duct.

Have a great day at the beach, summer is flying by for us too.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hate when things get cancelled at the last minute. Like you said, it takes a lot of work to schedule everyone around procedures. I hope that she is NOT in the small percentage that has no tear duct. I have never heard of someone without them! August 4th does sound far until you think about it. I can't believe July is almost over. It's going to be school again soon enough. Boo!

Have fun at the beach tomorrow. I think I am taking my two kids to the beach tomorrow also, for the Farmer's Market at the pier! :)

To Love Endlessly said...

I agree, a day at the beach sounds way better than an eye procedure! I bet she has a tear duct's to praying she's not in that small percentage! Is there a recovery period for that? Will she need to stay after for very long?

Bea Braun said...

What an adorable picture of Zoey!!! Enjoy your special Friday. 5 more glorious weeks of summer.

Jamie said...

heee heee look at that lil tounge! Like my Madie always sticking her tounge out! Well yeah Im all with Beach Day!! Well Surgery can wait eh? Hope its less humid there than in CT...MAN 3 weeks now!

Runningmama said...

Have fun at the beach!

Anonymous said...

My,oh my! little Miss Z is looking older by the minute. Or should say by each photo! Such a change since April when I visited. Sorry about the cancellation, but then again, you did the absolute right thing to mention MRSA issue. Honesty is always the best policy. Hope you all had an awesome time "at the beach" yesterday.
Looking forward to some "beach" photos.

Hope Zoey misses the small percentage issue this time!(tear duct)
Take care

Kele@ said...

I agree with Rochelle, the beach sounds much better! Hope you guys had fun and hope to hear from you soon, hopefully in all of the craziness you did get my message).

And OH the beauty of having MRSA being apart of our world!

cheekyradish said...

Ugh. How frustrating. But, the beach is a wonderful diversion.

One I could use, let me tell you!

Googsmom said...


We just got back from the beach. As soon as I unload the pic's i'll send you what Brooker did :)

Lori said...

The beach is a far better option than eye surgery!
We have been through the tear duct probing three times now, and though it is relatively minor (a whole 10minute procedure that doesn't even require a scalpel), anything that requires our children to be in the hospital just stinks.
oh - I love the new look of the blog =)