Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"When the heart weeps for what it has lost,the soul laughs for what it has found."~Sufi aphorism

Just a few days ago I came across this birthday card to Zoey from Kristen.It was tucked inside one of Zoey's favorite books.I will treasure it always and forever.

By now,most of us in this extremely tight knit T21 blogworld,will have heard the heartbreaking news of Kristen's passing.For myself and my family,we find ourselves profoundly saddened.

Kristen and Zoey were a mere month apart when each were diagnosed with AML,and for almost 8 months, we traveled a parallel path with the Kirton family.Then,for reasons we will never know or quite frankly,ever understand,Kristen's journey veered from the course.But the incredible Kristen pressed on and fought courageously and valiantly.And behind her,rallying in awe inspiring fashion,was her amazing mom Polly.Polly shouldered the unfair hand dealt her daughter once again and persevered with the grace and dignity we so hope we would all have if walking in similar shoes.

Today a momma did what no mother should ever,ever have to do:release her child back to the One who lent them in the first place.We send all our love and prayers to the entire Kirton family.We thank them for unselfishly sharing their triumphs and tears and most of all, we thank them for the gift of their beautiful Angel Kristen.Fly high our angel.Fly high.


Denise said...

Beautiful Heather, just beautiful. I look at your post and then at mine and I just couldn't get the right words out to do justice for Kristen and her family. But you say it all so perfectly!! I have gotten sadder as the day passed on....everytime her sweet face pops up somewhere in blogland or facebook. She was so loved!!!

To Love Endlessly said...

She'll fly high indeed. her story has been an inspiration to follow and her mom, always so honest with her emotions, yet strong in her faith. A very sad day in our community. Lots of prayers are being lifted up for that beautiful angel and her family.

Rebecca said...

Please Pray for Daisy, a 6 yr old California girl, battling Wilms Tumor for the 2nd time now. She was just transferred to CHLA for care. Her daddy is a pastor.


Lacey said...

That birthday card it too cute. I hate that our tight family has to once again go through this.
And of course, if you want to come out, I will pick you up and you can stay with us!

Kristin said...

Beautiful post in honor of a beautiful warrior gone too soon.

Rochelle said...

This is a beautiful post Heather. We are praying for Polly & family.

Peter Olson said...


Treasure every minute. Each breath, each heartbeat, every smile, every hug, each kiss, all the love, and joy ~ all these are gifts from God.

Every one of our steps, every one of our days, was established ahead of time by God. (Job 14:5)

Kristen has fulfilled her mission here on earth. We were blessed by her.

I encourage you to continue to be a blessing to all of us through your words and pictures.

I also agree with you, Polly is an amazing mom.

You are an amazing person and mom too.

Bea Braun said...

I am praying for strength and peace for this beautiful family.

Googsmom said...

{{{{HUGS}}}} adn Prayers for the entire family!