Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"What I hope for my children is that they will feel deeply loved and strong enough in themselves so that they are able to carry out their own journeys with courage,heart and mindfulness."~Nicole Chaison

And the girl is off again.Felt like far too short of a visit, that is for sure but it certainly was sweet.So much so that my picture taking was minimal.At best.Instead,my heart, abundantly full with beautiful memories.Sometimes busy,loud,chaotic beautiful memories.But that is us.And I wouldn't change it for anything in this world.Anything.

Love you Taylor Morgan.See you in April.And of course on Skype till then.Be safe.Be good and please carry our love with you as you go ....

A little something to keep your hands warm,on those cold days and nights while in Switzerland ..


One of the many precious moments to keep your heart warm when you miss your little Zoey girl.


A little something for us.To watch when we miss you.To remind us that you do indeed rule the "Michael Jackson Wii Experience".

Who would have thought,Joe's number one gift request to Santa,yes, you read that right,would be a huge crowd pleaser.Just wait till you see the video I upload of Joe.You will not believe it!

And finally,the very darling Miss Charlotte ... who "helped" you pack.Of course,Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing on your computer was a huge incentive.


Love you and miss you already.


stephanie said...

AWESOME Taylor!!
waiting for Joe!!!

we are still enjoying Aniela for a few more days...
It does go by too fast!

The VW's said...

Have fun in Switzerland! I can only imagine how much your family will be missing you! Great dance moves! :)


Sniff.Sniff Sniff. I Know how it is! PS She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. God speed Taylor till you return to the family circle in April

Aunt Bluebelle

Anna said...

Just backtracked and read all the posts Id missed. I just posted here and there to keep everyone following from afar up to speed.(husband was home all week) Good to see such beautiful pictures of yours and read such beautiful sentiment. Blessings to you and yours this Upcoming year.

Rochelle said...

Praying for Taylor's safe travels and protection. So glad she was with you for Christmas but, wow that did seem short even to me.

Lacey said...

Mondo got that game for the DS, funny its the game they've been playing the most!
Have a safe trip back Taylor dear, and have fun playing, I mean studying in Europe!

Peter Olson said...

Great dancing, Taylor Morgan! :-)

Bon voyage (French)
Sicher Reisen (German)
Safe viaggi (Itialian)
And "safe travels" however it is said in Rumantsch too

Have fun in Switzerland!
It is a beautiful country.
(I've seen pictures and talked to people who have lived there.)

Googsmom said...

Safe travels Taylor!!!

Elizabeth said...

So much beauty surrounds you --

Elizabeth said...

And I meant to say happy travels to your daughter. My husband is from the Swiss province of Glarus, outside of Zurich. His tiny little magical village is called Mollis.

Bea Braun said...

What an adventurous spirit!!! What a blessing to have her here for Christmas. Great pictures!

Tina said...

Safe journey back, work hard but take out moment to enjoy the beauty around you.

Melissa M said...

Safe travels to Taylor and a wonderful stay while she is away from you all. I hope you are able to Skype frequently!

Kelly said...

What great pics.......looks like you had a fabulous Christmas with the whole family!! Aahhh, the memories:) It looks like The Michael Jackson Experience for the Wii was a BIG hit this year!! Mason got it for Christmas and it has us dancing EVERY day!! So fun:) Great moves, Taylor!!

Looking forward to the video of Joe. You'll have to check out the post I did a few day ago....titled: Sneek Peak!! I caught my husband busting a move, too!!