Friday, May 13, 2011

And poof,just like that,lost in cyberspace....

*As mysteriously as the other post disappeared,I just see now,it has reappeared,except for comments left.Oh well,I suppose we can't talk about the iPad giveaway enough ... I'll keep both up.

 Well,in the 3 years since I have been blogging this has never happened.Blogger decided to have some major glitches yesterday,with the promise of restoring everyones posts from the last few days and guess what ... didn't happen.Ordinarily,no big deal but that post about Zoey being gifted with the iPad,that one was an important one.I really needed people who stop here to  click on over to Marissa's Bunny and check out all the awesome things that they have going on over there.As well as support their mission and cause in whatever way they can.Not to mention, I wanted or absolutely needed, to convey and acknowledge our deep and heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing tool being given to our miracle girl.

So I guess it is a redo for me.Which,I have to tell you,I am not a speedy poster.At all.Sometimes it even surprises me how long it takes for a post to get from my head to the page and then I edit and then I reedit for my lousy spelling and major grammatical errors.And,the girls hate that I don't space between sentences... failed typing in highschool.No joke.And even after all that,I know there are still mistakes.Oh well.

So here it goes.The main bullet points, seeing I won't ever be able to recapture the initial feelings and sentiments of that post:

We first met Marissa early on in our journey with Infantile Spasms.I believe Marissa was diagnosed about a week after Zoey and I have followed her battle against this disorder,on and off ever since.Her dad Mike has been a tireless advocate for his beautiful daughter,as well as others who have and continue fight their way to seizure freedom.He now has has established a foundation, who's mission is continued support to children and their families journeying  amidst the uncertainty of not only Infantile spasms but other equally daunting diagnosis. How he manages to juggle the foundation,his work and his family, is beyond me but juggle he does and for that,we who read and now reap the benefits of those efforts,we are extremely grateful and stand in awe.

Now to the iPad:The world this iPad is going to open up for our wonder child,is,in my heart, going to be nothing short of amazing.A world brimming with hope and possibilities.So for us and our family,we are beyond grateful that Zoey was one of 40 to be chosen to receive one.Blessed and lucky for sure.

I also, in that original post,wanted you all to head over to Marissa's Bunny Blog and check out this sweet little girl, and learn more about the motivation behind the foundation and this giveaway.Which is of course,Marissa herself.They also have an  iPad 2 raffle going on right now and supporters of Marissa and the foundation, have generously agreed to another Special Needs iPads giveaway,based on merit once again.And,if they can hit the 5,000 dollar mark,that will be 25 iPads.Is that not incredible?
This raffle not only benefits Marissa,the foundation,and the continued relief efforts in Japan,it also,as I mentioned in the original post, benefits a little boy Joseph , who's diagnosis is very similar to Marissa's.A little guy,who the generous benefactors and supports of Marissa and her foundation have also pledged to help navigate these trying times.So I encourage you all to head there now and thank you in advance for anything you are able to contribute to the cause.

Posting again gives me another opportunity to extend my thanks to several of our friends that supported the foundation in the original giveaway and those that have again donated in the new raffle.We are humbled by the continued love and support you have given Mark and I and our family over the last 4 years.Joining us in causes that are near and dear to us, and taken them on as your own.We love you for that.

So I think that is the shorter version of the post lost.Certainly not as eloquent but still holds all the  same feelings of gratitude.I had posted this quote as well and I think it speaks to our desire to always be present in what goes on outside our little corner of this world.A world filled with questions on mankind and the path we as people choose to take for and along with, our fellow human beings.Marissa,her dad and the foundation reaffirm in us, that good does indeed prevail and that we are all called to pay it forward in what ever way we are able.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."~John F. Kennedy 


Becca said...

Oh, wow, that stinks that your post disappeared!! My posts stayed intact, but all of the comments from the time they started having problems disappeared, so I re-entered them manually.

This definitely has lit the fire to get me to start backing my blog up in Word...

Anonymous said...

Well I was wondering what had happened. A huge thank you goes to Marissa's (dad) foundation. you had that earmarked and I went over and made a comment there - perhaps that is gone also.

Anyway - what a wonderful world will be opened up for you little Miss Z.

Aunt Bluebelle

PS Has her wheel chair arrived yet?

colleen said...

no worries, I didn't get to post that I wanted to join the IPAD 2 raffle at Marissa's website.. thx for alerting me to it.. and make sure to post ALL the IPAD + Zoey stories that are sure to come your way!

Marissa's Dad said...

Aunt Bluebelle- I'm not on Blogger, so things went as normal over at my place.

You guys were very high up on the list of likely candidates for the iPad from the get go. We only see good things in the future for development!

Thanks for letting the world know about the iPad raffle. If this takes off, we can give away a LOT of iPads again! We had to turn away so many people...

Shelly Turpin said...

very cool - I'm so excited for Zoey! What a gift!

Karol said...

We've been looking into the possibility of an iPad for Moise too. Please keep me posted on Zoey's progress with it.

Melissa said...

I thought I commented, but maybe blogger ate it, or maybe it was just on FB. Either way, I am so excited for Zoey!!