Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The simple joys ...

Cailtin and Danny went away to Cambria for their anniversary this weekend so Mark and I were on Mimi and Pop duty.What a blast it is being grandparents.Seriously.

Charlotte is easily entertained and occupied and as busy as she is,she can exude such joy from the simplest of things.At one point in the weekend she was thrilled just playing with the ping pong balls in the foyer with Mark.They hung out there for the longest time.




Zoey,in true Zoey fashion,was content just hanging back and watching.At one point she briefly joined in and then,out of no where,Charlotte decided she wanted to play Ring around the Rosy with Zoey... I thought it was precious.




 Charlotte so desperately wants Zoey to do what she is doing.Sit on the couch.Run around outside.Make mischief.She hasn't quite figured out why Zoey can't.


One day she will though and something tells me,when that time comes,little niece will then become great protector and loving caregiver.It's a beautiful thing,these two girls and the relationship they are forging.Undeniable gifts to each other.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful!!! :) Zoey is looking like SUCH a big girl in those pics. :)


Steph & Christopher

Rochelle said...

So beautiful, Charlotte will probably never see it as things Zoey can't do but instead will delightfully see the things she can. ♥

Anonymous said...

LOVE,LOVE THESE PHOTOS! YES, I'm shouting: with pure joy at seeing them.

Went into site where Caitlin & Danny went - what a beautiful spot!
My kinda place. Would love to visit this CA spot...

Take care


The VW's said...

PRECIOUS!!! Big Hugs!!

Anna said...

heather. I am in LOVE with the photos! Off to send you an e-mail. ;)

joan's blessings said...

beautiful girls...my daughter Hannah can do less than Zoey...she is 15yo. I kept my grandaughter til she was 2 while my daughter worked...taylor is almost 3yo and has always had a problem figuring out why aunt hannah can't do things with her...so she just climbs up on her wheelchair and loves on her :)

The Annessa Family said...

I've always seen my brother for what he can do, and the gifts he has that I don't. He can charm a crowd in moments, knows in an instant if someone is a good person, loves God without shame, always remember important dates.

And the one thing about him I treasure is his absolute joy at everything. He is so happy with the simple things, delights in the ordinary...

When I see him giggle and smile with his belly going up and down...I truly think WE are the one's missing out.

Brooke Annessa

Elizabeth said...

Yes! Zoey is growing and looks so long and lanky in these pictures! I imagine Charlotte will accept Zoey for exactly whom she is. My sons are both younger than their sister with special healthcare needs, and she has always been who she is. While they don't like that she has seizures and wish that she could talk, they don't think less of her in the least -- and even at thirteen and ten, their hopes for her are as strong as they were when they were little --


Both girls are so sweet. Zoey is really growing up!

Cheri said...

1) I miss you

2) I love these pictures

3) it is 1:00 AM so off to bed, but hope to see you soon

Melissa said...

Charlotte and Zoey are going to always be the best of friends. You can just see love both of them have for each other.