Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes I just want to cry uncle ...

In all honesty, what I really want to do, is let loose a whole slew of profanities instead and sometimes I do.Feels freeing.And today,in the sanctuary of my very own vehicle,I did just that.

I have lots to share.That's what happens when I seem to be making it a habit of only posting once a week.But most will have to wait.I have an entirely different post all but ready to hit publish on, but I opted out in light of the latest.Which,in my very own words to my pediatrician this afternoon were,"Well,could be worse.In fact, I do believe we actually have seen a whole lot worse over the last 4 years,haven't we?"

The long and short of it: Last Thursday,it looked as though Zoey was developing a stye.I cannot recall,for the life of me,any of the other 5 ever having one but I was fairly certain that was what it was.Took her into the doctors.My go to guy, Dr.Kundell, is off on Thursdays but his very capable and loved almost as much partner, was in.She said,yep,looks like a stye.Go home,apply warm compresses and that is about all we can do.So I went home and 24 hours later,the eye looked even nastier.It was a Friday afternoon so I put a call to the dr's ,left a message and headed to Matt's paramedic graduation.Which is one of the things I wanted to share but wouldn't you know it,the little Miss upstages once again.I will however post a picture as a consolation,and at the very least, express how absolutely proud of him we all are.


Jessica and Matt,looking darling as ever!

Anyway,my phone was in the car.Didn't check it all that night,which had I, I would have seen a missed call from the doctor. As for the eye,well,still looked like crap but figured we would see what the morning would bring.At 8 am the phone rings,it's the amazing Dr. Kundell,asking about her eye.As coincidence would have it, Mark and I were just commenting,not a minute before, how horrible it was looking.I relay that to her doctor, to which he says,can you meet me at the office,I am thinking MRSA.To which I, let out an audible gasp because that nasty,yucky thing, was not even on my radar.Why?I have no idea but I just didn't even think of it.And really,I should have but I have been a little complacent about it because she has been so good lately.No real spots of concern and well,I kinda pushed it to the side.Stupid,stupid me.


Check out her right eye ... wish I could have gotten a closer shot... this picture just does not do it justice.

For those of you that need a reminder or who happen to not be familiar with MRSA,MRSA is a very dangerous,antibiotic resistant staph infection.In Zoey's case,she has the community acquired not the hospital acquired and she is colonized.Meaning, it is in her body,forever,never going anywhere, anyways gonna be there.Which sucks.Big time.Not a fan of that word.Never allowed my kids to say it but seems befitting right now.If  MRSA begins to take on a life of it's own,and we can't get a handle on it,it can go south.Real quick.So, Mark hightails her into the doctor,the doctor does a swab and we are told to wait on the results,which can take 3-4 days.In the mean time,we will do heavy duty drops because her tear duct probe has failed for yes, the second time and it looks like there is a possible secondary infection going on.We start Bactrim,which is the only known antibiotic to sometimes curb the progression and from there,we wait on labs till mid week.

The eye gets better but doesn't clear completely and something in me says that that swab is going to come back positive for MRSA.And sure enough,it has.And now,the question is, with the spot still there, it obviously still has some  junk festering in it,what to do?Abscesses of MRSA have to be drained or else it will just stay and spread and well,do you remember the "flesh eating bacteria" hysteria not so long ago?Well, that,that is what MRSA can become.Trying not to be over dramatic but in the worst of the worst cases,that is the reality.

Do you see why I sometimes want to scream uncle?I mean seriously,this is not some benign nothing.And on her little lower eyelid none the less.So sensitive and fragile of an area.And if it has to be lanced and drained,not pretty.And the procedure would have to be done in a hospital and well,the lists goes on as to why I just want to cry uncle on some days.

Like I said,could be worse but sure as heck could be better,don't you think?Now,seems like I should wrap this up with a positive and trust me,lots to be positive about around here.I don't miss that for a moment.Really I don't.So as related to Zoey,in this moment,besides the obvious of seizure freedom and remission,the next positive I can see,on the grand scale is.... that she now eats 3 entire jars of food a day.No problem.And,she likes yogurt.Specifically this rich and yummy and loaded in fat kind.


The other big news with the yogurt is that when Zoey was a year old,we found out she was allergic to milk.Hives.Lots and lots of hives.But often when milk is introduced again to a child,when they are a bit older,the milk allergy has disappeared and that is the case with Zoey.Thank goodness for small favors.We'll take it.

For now,let's pray that this spot on her lower lid makes it's self scarce and we can avoid a procedure.The week has been crazy busy.The boys are finishing up school.Jess and Matt have left for a place of their own,insert sad face here :( and Danny will be graduating from UCSD on Saturday.Lots of good,crazy,busy stuff.Blessed and lucky for all of it.Well,all of it except for that pesky MRSA.



Junior said...

oh wow, prayers that Zoey's eye will heal without needing the procedure. Hugs

stephanie said...

UGH! :(
Joined you in the profanities as I was reading!

sending up the prayers that this goes away without any help from a procedure!

Anonymous said...

UNCLE<UNCLE<UNCLE!! Enough is enough Little Miss Zoey so does not need this to appear in the eye area. (or any where else for that matter)!

Sweet pic with her niece. and huge CONGRATS to you MATT!
And to you also DANNY


Becca said...

Oh, poor Zoey - that little girl seriously needs to catch a break for a while. I hope you can keep the MRSA at bay. That's such a scary, scary thing to think about, and I can't imagine having that hanging over our heads. ((hugs)) But on the happy side, I'm so glad Zoey's milk allergy is gone! I was also allergic to milk as a young child, and thankfully that passed, too. Yogurt is a fabulous thing to have added to her diet!!! Thinking of you guys...

Karol said...

And so it goes in the life of special needs. It does suck and sometimes it's okay to say it. Yet it always comes back to one absolute truth. Your Zoey girl, with all of her challenges, her quirks and the unfairness, is a priceless gem. Love every minute with her, even the difficult ones.
Praying always.

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


Becca said...

Oh, and my husband was yapping to me while I was trying to write my last comment and was rushing to go get ready for work, and I had meant to say congratulations to Matt, too!! That's great!

Kristin said...

#@*(*^&^#%% MRSA!!!!!
Get better little princess :) Praying for you guys. Congratulations Matt!

Maureen said...

Lord. Can't this child catch a break? Poor baby!

On the bright side - that's GREAT about the food. So awesome. My kids were raised on that yogurt too - it's Jack's current favorite (aside from his spinach in a tube which maybe Taylor told you about - blech.)

Prayers for a quick recovery for the little one.

Tina Michelle said...

Aww, her sweet little eye! I hope it heals quickly. You cry uncle all you want sweetie! I think you deserve to at least try, right? She is so adorable, smiling even with her eye red and it must hurt. You and your hubby look amazing. That dress is too cute! Congrats on him graduating. That is big stuff.

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Oh boy! You have every right to use the word suck and to cry uncle! I'm hoping her eye gets better very quickly without any procedures needed!

just jean said...

Prayers. prayers, prayers for a good resolution for this development. And for you to continue being strong and faith-filled. Heather, I admire and respect you sooo much. I'm hoping you can feel our virtual hugs through the wires.

PS.. Thanks for the pic of Matt and Jess.

colleen said...

oh brother, heather... I feel so bad for you and for Zoey....I will be sending good thoughts your way (again) and I am confident that all of the collective thoughts from, everyone who follows your blog combined wiht the excellent medical care you have found for her will rid her of the MRSA ASAP... I really get the worry (unavoidable with this bug) and by all means curse away -
Congrats to all the graduates!!!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

YIKES! As if you haven't had enough!!!! I hear ya! UNCLE!!! I'm thinking of you all and hoping this passes without incident!

Runningmama said...

Oh my goodness, I hope her eye gets better soon. I know what you mean about crying "uncle". I am so happy to hear that she is eating so much food now!

Anna said...

Now onto the praises- Matt, congrats! Zoe- no more milk allergies! YAY!! Double Yay! Wish we had Trader Joe's.
Ive heard about it. Have a blessed weekend yall.

Lacey said...

That darn MRSA, how scary! I really hope it just goes away with antibiotics, and no need to drain it, yuck!
I still can't believe that girl eats so well, last time we were there we were talking about how frustrating it was that she wouldn't even try!

Elizabeth said...

Do you mind if I let the curses fly? F@#@#! Sh#$#@! What the he@#$!

I am so sorry -- and not a little mad at the universe. Yes, it could be a whole lot f'ing better.

Love to you.

The Annessa Family said...

Go ahead.

Cry Uncle.

You have so many who love you and will surround you with support through whatever comes your way.

This isn't a little thing, your right. It's a big thing. But God is bigger.

And something tells me that Zoey is going to rock through it all with grace <3

Brooke Annessa

thepiersolfamily said...

Oh hoping hoping hoping for some good news that it will all clear up and no hospitals!!! So sorry Heather. Huge congrats to Matt. And congrats to Zoey on the FOOD! Love you. Xoxoxo sending you lots of hugs from WA.

Peter Olson said...

Only God knows the answer to: "Why?"

I pray for healing for Zoey, and
Faith, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love-overflowing for you and your family

Besides being called "Dad" & "Honey", my next favorite title is "Uncle Pete".

This "uncle" is praying!

Bethany said...

You have every right to cry Uncle!! I am praying that Zoey's eye heals completely on its own without any signs of MRSA, and does not require any procedures. Also praying that the MRSA would lay dormant for a very long time - like forever!
Huge Congrats to Matt on his Paramedic graduation! And go Zoey go with your awesome eating!! You are defying all expectations and breaking all the rules yet again!!

blogzilly said...

That is just bullshit.

And why in the world you feel you need to end the post on the positive? Well, it just goes to show why you'll always be a far, far better human being than I can ever hope to be.

I'd be so saturated with anger I doubt I could even think straight.

And is about right.

Victoria Strong said...

Oh Heather! I am just so sorry. You have had more than your share. Enough! Enough! Sending big, big hugs to you and sweet Zoey!


Yep...Thomas has it as well. As an infant it was in his trache and they didn't treat as they thought he was colonized. A few years ago he got his usual rash from sweating in his leg braces only one pimple looked kinda gray so I whisked him off to the the pediatricians who cultured it and yes it was MRSA. On the butt. Nice. His is sensitive to the mycins so he took Clyndamycin. He is such a dirt magnet that I am on him and every cut (hundreds of them a day I'm sure) like flies on doo-dee. Bactrin oint and a good scrubbing with Dial soap for any break in the skin no matter how tny. No re-using of pj's or towels or washcloths and a chlorinated cleanser for the tub. We had one other butt outbreak but now more. He doesn't wear braces any more!

The VW's said...

OH NO! Poor girl! I hear you on crying "Uncle" some days! I know that Miss Z. will soar through this like she does everything else though! Praying it goes away....and STAYS AWAY!

And, WOW! When Zoey decides to start something, she goes all for it......great job on the eating frony Zoey! You are quite the girl! HUGS!!!