Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gratitude Journal ...

I follow this really beautiful blog and I have been inspired by her weekly post of gratitude.I have been saying for the longest time that I was going to follow suit and quite frankly, I just haven't taken the time.No more excuses.So what Cole does and what I have begun,is to write down daily, three things you are grateful for.Sounds easy,right?Not so much on somedays but this little exercise forces you to pause and take notice of even the smallest of things and claim them with gratitude.Thanks for the inspiration my cyber friend.

1. Long,crazy,insane hours but a husband with a job.
2.The sweet sound of Charlotte's voice calling for Mimi.


3.Ping pong playtime in the foyer with Pop/Daddy.
4.Continued seizure freedom for the girl wonder.


5.My "5th daughter" Amanda walking away unscathed,at least physically, after her car flipped twice and is totaled.
6.Yummy wine from Cambria.
7.Zoey adds "done" to her verbal language at the appropriate times.Especially while on the potty.My favorite.
8.Love and light of sweet Pablo.
9.Late night runs.Not safe but certainly therapeutic.
10.A pediatrician who truly loves my children.
11.Testing power wheelchairs that allow Zoey to catch a glimpse of independence.
12.Giggly, goofy Charlotte.
13.Older girls who still like hanging with their mom.
14.Little boys who live loud and carefree.


15.Precious Cecilia who couldn't stay and who will be missed deeply.
16.Baker friends who can pull off a wedding cake with 2 days notice.
17.Old faithful:grande nonfat hot chocolate with whip.
18.Plum baby food that Zoey devours.
19.Sun,sand and ocean air every Friday.


20.Blanket fairies who send their wares from Illinois for Zoey's cancer warrior buddies.
21.Almost 8 year old boys who still crawl into bed and snuggle.



Erin B said...

This makes me want to do my own gratitude post. I think I will. When Irelyn was in the NICU I started each day's caringbridge entry with one thingg I was grateful for that day. It was a wonderful exercise during a very tough time.

Rochelle said...

Love this!

Lisa said...

Love, love, love. Everything on the list.

Anna said...

incredible list Heather. I recently read a book that is life changing. Its Written by Ann Voskamp "One thousand gifts" You can go to or to see. she even has a printable that you can fold and carry easily to keep track of your & things to be thankful for each day of the week. I LOVE IT! It has birds and happy pics and is just one piece of paper so not a real journal to have to tote around.

Cammie Heflin said...

These pix make me miss you guys sooo much!!! Think I'll go check flights!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Heather. Great photos. And soooo glad to hear Amanda is okay after her car mishap!

Happy 4th to all my California relatives

Aunt Bluebelle


Cole said...

I AM so proud of you! It's absolutely lovely Heather! Thanks so much for joining in! It gives me a new item for this week's list! :)

ps- I need to try those plum organics- I keep hearing about them!

Happy Day dear!

Bethany said...

I love your gratitude list!! I am so excited to hear that Miss Zoey has added a new word, and a very helpful one, with the word "done"!!! Also getting to test out power chairs - what a world of freedom that would be for her!! And I love watching the relationship develop between Charlotte and Zoey - too precious and sweet for words! The picture are excellent and almost make me wish I had more than one brother ;)

blogzilly said...

How does it work exactly? You write three things down and then post the gratitude thing once a month?


So beautiful and the photos are wonderful. It's so uplifting to read about belssings. You should do this more often