Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amazing ...

Rain and wind the entire night before. A forgotten inhaler miles away. The only inhaler  of the three that I take, that was most necessary. Go figure. A running bib and timing chip mix up discovered at 11 pm and far to late to do anything about. A so bad, you would  had to have seen it, to believe it, hotel. Forecast for more rain and wind the morning of but do think any of that was going to stop us? Hardly. And you know what? Jess and I awoke at 5 am, and before long, here is what we saw.   


How is that for amazing?

Jess bettered her time by 5 minutes from our San Fransisco half marathon last month and I shaved off 10 minutes on mine. She still kicked my a@# but I'll take it.  Hoping to shave off a bit more next month. We will be doing it again at the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon. I know, I think I have officially lost my mind.

Then there were the people I ran with. Incredible bunch of men and women and more than worthy of the title of amazing.


And of course there are my friends, Bill and Victoria Strong, and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. A foundation born from the need to do something, anything, when life had handed them the unexpected and the unfair. A foundation that they have so tirelessly built from broken hearts into something full of hope for a future where SMA will not be welcomed. The foundation and Bill and Victoria, they are truly, truly amazing. And a darling couple on top of everything else!


Finally, sweet Miss Gwendolyn, she, this child, is beyond amazing.  She is awe inspiring and represents beauty within a world wrought with fight and courage that no 4 year old should ever have to know. Thank you to GSF, the Strong family and their extended family members and friends, for allowing me to tag along on this simply amazing journey.



Anna said...

God sure got out his paintbrushes for you! You are awesome girl!!!

stephanie said...

You forgot you inhaler!! You are amazing!

And I love seeing you and Jess do something so awesome like this together. These are going to be some of the best moments in both your lives and memories that you think back on when you are 100 years old! And probably still running...

Peter Olson said...

You two look great!
"Never Give Up"
What a great motto!
Cute couple
Beautiful little girl
"Amazing …" is a perfect description! :-)

Ali Mc said...

Hey just found you love your story :)

Becca said...

You are truly amazing, Heather. Love this post and your inspiring can-do attitude.

Runningmama said...

I am loving all of your recent posts about running and that you have found a way to do something you love while helping others at the same time...I hope everyone else is enjoying them as much as I am! How great that your daughter is joining you too, it is a dream of mine for Emily to run a road race with me.

Rochelle said...

Amazing is truly the correct title. Beautiful view and beautiful person! Love that you and Jess are doing these together amazing!

Jess said...

You forgot to mention the forgotten breakfast and forgotten money for said breakfast :)

Lacey said...

And I am in awe of you. You constantly remind me to get off my a$# and exercise. Yet I never listen to that reminder. Gwendolyn is so beautiful, and Ray did say that he wanted to start working so we coukd do it next year.
And I cant believe I was in Simi for over two weeks and we never played. Shame on us!

Victoria Strong said...

This post made me cry -- big happy tears. Feeling the warmth of love and support that we felt this entire weekend in your words. Thank you for being such an incredible person -- creating such an inspiring family. We love you guys. (Now don't forget your inhaler! :))

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you & Jess had a few side issues! but...the run went on and you both achieved your goals. Nice photo of you & Jess.

Next race: Remember your Inhaler please!


Melissa said...

Great job bettering your time! And yes you are a bit crazy to be running another one. :)

blogzilly said...

Hey cool, a new post! Almost missed it since I have to check MANUALLY. ;)

Love the pics, admire what you all did. Did you take that shot of the Strongs makin' out? SWEET!!!! I am so jealous of Victoria, though. :(

*Heather once said it sounded like I had a 'Man-Crush' on Bill cause I was speaking about how I admire what he does as a Dad, Humanitarian, etc., so it's kind of a joke, folks! :)