Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's move past all the ickiness of the last post, with some good stuff, shall we?

I am only going to say this quietly, as to not put things out into the world, that should not be spoken. Similarly, how we say the 's-word', when referring to seizures.  See how we do it. So here it goes: too early to be in the clear but as of this moment, and that is how I live my life or at least try to, moment to moment: no one else has thrown up. That is all I am saying on the subject.

Now to some exciting news at Mission iPossible. Mission 3 is officially under way. Exciting, didn't I tell you so? Here is a re-posting, of the post, that you can find over at Mission iPossible. Read it here or pop over there and consider becoming a follower, because that way, you won't miss all the great stuff we have in the works. My partner Ken, has once again, amazed me. Despite having a very difficult time the last few months, he has kept on top of the little nuances involved in the running of MiP and for that, I am once again grateful. So read away and share and become a follower and see what happens when a few people get together and decide they want to make a difference in some children's lives. We have, to date, handed out 22 iPads, and for that we are extremely, extremely proud. But we want to do more and starting today, we are doing just that: 3 more iPads ready to be gifted. Read away as Mission 3 commences:

Mission 3

You may have heard me say before that we had acquired the funds over the winter, thanks to a rather large donation from a single donor, for around 6 iPads, give or take. That is absolutely true. But after some internal discussions, we decided not to go with 6 iPads for Mission 3, and we also decided not to hold up Mission 3 any longer than it was already being held up.

Lemme explain.

First about the delay. I've been trying to get an HTML form put together for a few weeks now in my spare time. Some type of an interface that would make entering data for your child a snap. Well, suffice it to say, even HTML for Dummies isn't helping this dummy, and I am having a little trouble getting it to work right.

But time just keeps on passing and this is REALLY gnawing at me. It wasn't gnawing at me so much while my son was gnawing at me while his behavioral problems were in massive overdrive. But now, since his behavior has started to seriously calm down, and I mean seriously, I have had a bit more time to think and I want to get things moving again.

And having things held up by something like an online form is just...well, it's silly. We can still do the giveaways the old-fashioned way while we have the means to do so, while we work out any of the other junk, know what I mean?

SO...why keep waiting, let's start Mission 3 now, shall we?

Now about the QTY of iPads. Mission 3 will be for 3 iPads. Mission 4 will be for 4 iPads. And so on and so on and so on. That puts us short for the amount we need for Mission 4, so we will simultaneously start an external and internal fund-raising effort now.

This helps, in fact it is HUGE, to keeping us motivated to work on something, have a GOAL, which we all agree is part of what we need as a tool, and it also helps to have something UP to sort of all have as constantly striving forward. Otherwise it is just always sort of hanging. Does that make sense? Hope so, because it makes perfect sense to me.

The Mission 3 Recipients will be selected from the group of Pre-Qualified Candidates on the Tabbed Page on this website and any new Applicants who enter in the Comments section below. Selection will not be by Random Selection Process as before. I was not comfortable with that after all was said and done. I do not think any of us were.

We are simply going to make the selections internally and announce the Recipients. During that announcement process we'll talk about what led us to the decision regarding who was chosen in this particular round. It is not as 'easy' as a Random process, it is infinitely more difficult. I believe in this world we live in it is an opportunity to take the element of 'chance' out of the equation...something that, in a Special Needs setting is, at least in my mind, a good thing.

As before, we'll be giving away the same type of iPad.

You know the drill...the 16GB, Wi-Fi models that we gave out in Missions 1 & 2. Not the 3G capable kind.

In order to become eligible to enter this giveaway, unless you are already on the Pre-Qualified Candidates Page, you need only do the following:

Take a photograph of your child or use an existing one you already have and host it somewhere on the Internet. Then you can copy/paste the below into the comments section because you can use it as your guide to creating your entry, that way you won't forget to include what you need and have to make a second comment or, God forbid, forget something entirely and end up with a disqualified entry like the last time.

If you just copy/paste and change the below to have all YOUR INFO, you will be GOLDEN...just set up your entry like the following sample and there should be no problems at all. If you do not have a blog then just write N/A in that field.


STATEMENT: Write a statement here, can be long or short, totally up to you, regarding what your child's communication-related disability is and why you believe your child would benefit from this groundbreaking technology. Why the request for the photo and the text? WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW THE PEOPLE WE SERVICE. Plain and simple. We like pictures of kids, and it is important to not just be names and numbers. This is still about community.

You do not have to INSERT your child's photo. I only did because this is a blog and I am trying to make it visually interesting. And Bennett is damn cute in that little PJ outfit. And I am just glad he is SMILING again instead of trying to rip my face off.

Anyway...if you are selected as a Recipient, you MAY be asked to fill out an Eligibility Form, Release Form, etc., similar to the ones we had up previously on our site, and this may or may not include various documentations such as a letter of need from a Speech Therapist or Physician in your child's life. (But don't sweat any of this kind of thing PLEASE...and remember...full Privacy applies to this part, any of that kind of info stays private.)

These types of things are vital so that we can verify that any Recipient is a child in need of an iPad and that said child does indeed have a communication-related disability. We are, after all, trying to fulfill a Humanitarian mission here, and we don't want to just give out iPads to everyone, though that would be great if we could.

Because of our new format, submission of Application for Candidacy is always open now, and the acceptance for entries will remain open indefinitely, but the deadline for announcement of Mission 3 Recipients will be Friday, March 9, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST. It is open to anyone...anywhere.

- Only one entry per household, even if you have more than one child with a disability.
- Entries must follow all specified guidelines or they will not qualify.
- These rules are flexible, as in subject to change and variate as the giveaway progresses.
- As always, there is no fee for entry.
- It would be much appreciated if you are on the Pre-Q page, as one has already done, to let us know if you have already picked up a device for your kiddo so we can clear a slot.

That about covers it I think...pretty self-explanatory right? Easy-peezy, yeah?

If you have any questions at all...ANY...just hit me up at with MISSION 3 QUESTIONS in the Subject line and I will get right on them.

But other than that?



Melissa said...

Glad to hear that the illness seems to be leaving your house! I hope you are feeling better too.

Love that your next Mission is up and running. I'll be sharing on FB!

Rochelle said...

You guys rock! (glad nobody else is showing signs of sickness...she says very quietly!!!)

Helena Sue said...

This is such an awesome project... I always look forward to seeing those 'after' photos with the recipients' faces all lit up with joy. So cool.

If you need help with the HTML form, let me know. My email address is, I don't mind lending a hand on something like that. Unless, of course, you're enjoying tinkering with it like I do with new code. ;)


Ok I know I'm slow but WHERE do i send all of this info to try to qualify.

colleen said...

So the cleaning is serving a purpose!!! ( no need for small letters...)
Keep it up and have a good wknd..