Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, you know, a little of this and a little of that ...

First, dare I say it? And, if I do say it, you know what else I will have to say? I will  have to say what I say to my kids, which is: " Take that out of the world right this minute."Yep, I actually say that. Ridiculous, I know. What the heck, I'll live on the wild side and say: no one else has puked here in the Needham household. Yet. With an addendum, that the word about town is, there is a whole lot of puking going on around town. So much so, you would think we were on a cruise ship or something. I have heard that the 2 local school cannot clean up, as fast as the kids are hurling and with our lovely budget cuts, the janitorial services are hardly managing it effectively. Tomorrow I go armed with wipes and hand sanitizers in all the classrooms. Well, I mean my childrens classrooms. The entire school might just be over kill. Whatever, everyone thinks I am crazy anyway. Why stop now?

And, speaking of lovely budget cuts. I am lifting this nifty, insert sarcasm here, this nifty little something, something from a post by my friend Elizabeth: "The state of California is debating whether to help balance the budget on the backs of the ultimate money grubbers: children with special healthcare needs."

 Below is an abbreviated version of the entire, sad and frankly disgusting proposal. I urge you to read, click and sign the petition, because if it passes, it will absolutely effect Zoey and our family, as well as countless other like us.

The Medical Therapy Program (MTP) is a special program within California Children's Services that provides physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and medical therapy conference (MTC) services for children who have handicapping conditions, generally due to neurological or musculoskeletal disorders.
Currently, children in California with one of these qualifying medical conditions qualify for services regardless of their financial status. 
Cerebral Palsy, Spina bifida, Muscular dystrophy, Rheumatoid arthritis, Spinal cord injuries, Arthrogryposis, Osteogenesis imperfecta, Head injuries.  
The California state budget proposes to align income eligibility requirements for Medical Therapy Program with the broader California Children's Services (CCS) Program. Currently, there is no financial test for eligibility. Under the proposed eligibility standards, families with annual income more than $40,000 or with annual CCS related medical expenses less than 20% of their annual income would not be eligible.

This means, a family with two working parents who make minimum wage make too much money and are no longer eligible for medial therapy services.  They would be responsible for finding these services and paying for these services for their children.  This is a huge financial burden for any family, especially families with children who have special needs.  A family with good medical insurance would still have to pay $200-500 per month on therapy.  And, the therapy sessions would have a maximum number of visits, which is usually around half of the time the child needs.  A family without medical coverage would likely not be able to afford services at all.

The Medical Therapy Program provides necessary physical and occupational therapy for children with medical conditions that effect their day to day life. 

I told you it was lovely, didn't I?

In happier news, that doesn't involve puking or wanting to puke, Zoey's invitations are out and party planning continues. Caitlin and I, are having a blast gathering Paris themed, party ideas and goodies.  Pinterest has been so handy, and if you don't know Pinterest, may I suggest you DON'T click on the link unless you want to get sucked into a vortex.  Gonna be so cute this little soire for Miss Z. And, have I mentioned lately, that I cannot believe this wonder child of mine will be 5? Mind blowing.

Caitlin made the invitations. Darling. Drew it in Adobe Illustrator and put these together in no time. Could not have done it myself, no way no how. Love these children of mine, who step in and pour theirs hearts into every single thing they do. Especially for me.

 My dad turned 80, officially, yesterday, and I say officially because there was a big party a few weeks ago, when my siblings who live out of state, were able to fly in.


 Last night however, was low key. Zoey of course soaked in the festivities. Loves the busy happenings of this house more than anything in this world. Well, maybe people watching at Starbucks and going to Target are close 2nds and 3rds. Oh, and church, that child loves church.  But home, she truly loves home. And her Grandfather. She loves her grandfather. In that innocent, unconditional, magic way. Pictures tell the story best sometimes and also tells a story of how the passing of time and the absence of some in our lives is of no matter, because once they are back, life can, if you allow it, fall beautifully back into place.



Zoey does not know how to actually blow but she knows what it means if you ask her to. She gets an 'A' for effort.


* The cake, a recipe from my afore mentioned friend Elizabeth. I swear to you, I just might make that sucker once a week. Not a lie. In Elizabeth's words, it may not be pretty but it quite possibly might be the best chocolate cake. EVER. Here is the recipe for Hallelujah Cake, if any of you are chocolate freaks like me. Good thing I run, let me just say that, because I had a piece for breakfast. A very large piece for breakfast. And possibly lunch. And, when I am done posting, another piece before bed. Again, no lie. I have no self control in some areas. Chocolate is definitely one.


Cammie Heflin said...

This post makes me smile and frown all at once :( Hugs and love from MO!

stephanie said...


And now I'm going for the chocolate cake!

Love the pics!!!!

colleen said...

Go forward with wipes for your children's classrooms.. it will definitely help keep the rampant bugs at bay! We had my Dad's 80th celebration at Little Venice (which I know you are familiar with - yum)and I will always remember it as I"m sure you will yours. He looks great!esp with Zoey on his lap.
So glad the MOMENTS are back in your life and no need to tell you to savor them. Signed the petition this am. Have a healthy week!
oh yes and i"ll try the recipe and see how it compares to the famous Laviola!!!!!

Kristen's mom said...

Heartwarming to see Zoey in the arms of grandpa. The Paris themed party is so fun. What would we do without our amazing daughters that surround us. Mine are the same, I barely mention something and it is done.

Peter Olson said...

My wife enjoys that Pintrest vortex too. Ha! Ha!

Political comment:
Personally, I would like the government to remove the limitations on itemized deductions for charitable giving. I believe that the people, not the government, are much better when it comes to giving money to those in need and/or choosing a worthy cause to support.
Example: Solyndra, +500 million of taxpayer money down the drain

As a Christian, it is my responsibility (and joy) to share with those in need. (Romans 12:13, Ephesians 4:28, ..)

Have a great day and keep strong that passionate heart.

Lots of Love! :-)

Becca said...

Happy birthday to your father!! Love the pics of him and Zoey - so much love and enjoyment at being together!!

Now, about the budget cuts...awful. Just. Awful. I really, really am hoping that doesn't can people even *consider* cuts like that? How about cutting some recreational programs, increasing taxes by a miniscule amount (miniscule times a whole lot of people = something to work with...), so many other ways to fix this, rather than ripping these services from those that need them most???

Btw, those invitations are absolutely beautiful!! Wish we could be there (you can bring us some stale, leftover cake at the airport the next week, right?? *hint* *hint*...LOL). Did you get my e-mail? Sammi's gonna be making Miss Zoey a thank you card soon... :-)

Lisa Lilienthal said...

That invite is DARLING as are the photos. And I don't dare click on that chocolate cake recipe because, like you, I have absolutely no self control when it comes to chocolate! Glad all is well in your home (crossing fingers ...)

Justine said...

Pinned Elizabeth's Hallelujah cake. Yum! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Well there is good and bad (nasty bad) in this post. First the good: Your father's birthday photos with sweet Zoey Grace. Love her hair, is that a pony tail I see? Also - I WILL be heading over to that receipe when I finish this! I can just see you charging into the boys' schoolrooms armed with your wipes. Will someone (Catlin) please take a photo of that?! (and post it)

The other awesome thing is Caitlin's creation of Zoey's birthday invitation. I LOVE IT Cailin! It's wonderful you are there with your mom to "lend her a hand" in some things.

Now for the nasty, bad part: I cringe when I think of possible cuts in budget. That will be a diaster to so many people. this country certainly has it's priorities screwed up. Think I better stop or this could go on forever!

Love to all

Aunt Bluebelle

Wishing I could be there for Miss Z's party... :(

blogzilly said...

I can't imagine that the type of legislation that they are talking about could possibly pass. It would violate so many civil rights associated with the ADA of 1990 I would think some attorneys somewhere are already lining up some lawsuits.

It's pure discrimination and even if it were to get put into place, by some outside chance, somebody is going to challenge it and take it to the US Supreme Court, it will get taken out the State of California's hands.

I would not worry about it.

No puke = AWESOME.

krlr said...

Thanks for stopping by today - I'm flattered! Am a huge fan of your iPad project.

We went thru the stomach flu a bit ago. You know it's bad when you start wiping down the school (or, in our case, light switches, doorknob handles, & steering wheels). *shudder*

Good luck w/the pestilence & Happy Birthday to your little one!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I loved catching up with you and your family here -- those pictures of Zoey with your father (!!!) were beautiful.

Melani said...

Happy birthday to Miss Zoey! Wow time flies. I have been reading your blog sine you guys appeared in an article in the Cam Acorn. your blog was there and I was so moved by the article I had to check out your blog and I am so glad I did! As for the budget cuts simply horrible. I will go back tomorrow when I can get on my laptop and sigh it. Yes I have local friends whose kids are puking and well other flu like symptoms, go with the hand sani, I love that stuff!