Saturday, March 10, 2012

A few more pictures from Miss Z's party, and then we will be moving on ...



As 50 plus people stood around the wonder girl, singing "Happy Birthday", I watched with amazement as we trailed off singing and right on cue, like she knew exactly what to do, she leaned down and tried to blow or rather spit out,the candle. And you know why she appeared to know how the deal goes down when you are done singing? Cuz she does know. When do you think I might stop underestimating this child of mine, who teaches me more about this life with each passing day?

The picture fest could go on for days, so to save you from all that, I'll narrow it down to a few favorites. Which was no easy feat. There was a whole lotta cuteness and beauty going on that weekend, let me tell you.

But what I need to share first, is the surprise that was waiting for me, for us, on our porch, Friday night, on Zoey's actual birthday:


That would be none other than Addy Heflin and her mommy. Cammie, pulled off the ultimate and unbeknownst to me, flew in from Missouri for Zoey's party. Can you believe that?



Addy loved the men in our house. From Mark, to the little guys, to  I must say, I think her favorite, my son-in-law Danny. His nickname isn't 'dreamboat', for nothing. Addy sat with Danny for the longest time while he did his engineering homework. And, at one point she had a death grip on his pen so we swapped it out for a crayon and she was content as could be.


Jake was scary good at being a mime. Greeted people at the door. Had little ones following him around trying to get him to break his silence and well, the kid just was in his element. Still don't know how he fine tuned his mad mime skills though.




We were surrounded by beautiful and precious friends, who have enriched our lives in ways, we could have never, ever imagined. It seems like we took a million pictures but as I look back through them, there are so many things and so many faces, that I didn't capture in the day. Sometimes I think that is a sign of a good party. Time spent in the company of each other. Wrapped up in good conversations. Soaking up the magic of the moments. Just fine with that I suppose. I will carry some of the other magic of the day in my heart instead.

And, no sooner than we finished up one birthday, Wednesday brought another. This time, Caitlin Sarah. I wish I could share all the happenings of her life with you right now, as I am immensely proud of her precious little family of 3. Proud of all that have accomplished and excited for all the wonderful things that lie ahead for them but unfortunately, it seems we have a nasty little stalker of this blog. We have actually, since Charlotte's birth. We have tried to ignore it but the last thing that popped up, has necessitated a change. We are fairly certain we know who it is, but the result is, Caitlin and Danny have asked me not to post information or many pictures of them on the blog. Makes me sad. Infuriates me a bit too but I have to honor their wishes and leave it at that. For now just a little teaser picture of my girl and her baby. It will have to do.


Next up: Jake turns 11. Just so you know, 4 children's birthday's in just over a months time. Tad bit busy, wouldn't you say? Also, news over at Mission iPossible. We will be announcing the 3 recipients of Mission 3, sometime in the early part of next week and it will be followed closely by the launching of Mission 4. We may be small over there but when I think, that come next week, we will have awarded 25 iPads, well I am super proud of that. And thrilled for the kids. Because it has always, always been about the kids. Pop over and meet our newest member, Eric. Very cool guy. Beautiful little family with the most darling little boy Liam.  Come over to MiP and say hello, become a follower and keep up with all the good stuff happening over there.

Have a great weekend everyone and, as always, thank you for all your love and support. This month marks 4 years since I began blogging. 750 posts. Words that began just for myself and somehow has evolved into this. Whatever this is. I never dreamed I would still be doing this. Writing here. Never would have believed the blessing that would come from it. I look back and see comments from the early days and am amazed that some of the people who were there at the inception, are still hanging with us. Thanks for that. Humbling to say the least.


Rochelle said...

Love all the pictures. That girl is amazing! Cracking up at Addy, she is boy crazy!

Kristin said...

Wonderful pictures of wonderful people!!!! Yep, I'm pretty sure Max would love pushing Miss Z around in her chair ;)

stephanie said...

i cannot get through anyones pics of this party without crying!!!
There is just so much beauty and love!!

And 4 years out here!! I think I've been with you for almost three of them. Wow! I was a lurker for a while. LOL

Love you!!
And birthday wishes and hugs to all!!

Lindsay Marie said...

Very nice pictures, thanks for posting them! I'm really sorry about the stalker problem you are having; I hope it can be resolved soon!

Anna said...

SO SO sad to hear you have a stalker. not good. On the other hadn pretty excited to see more adorable photos from the happy birthday party. Im still in shock that you had guests FLY IN! We will have to consider that for next year..... wink. (all of our childrens birthdays are crammed into Spring too!)

The Annessa Family said...

So sad that you have to deal with a stalker! But so blessed to have the opportunity to see that beautiful Zoey and your whole family and so many beautiful friends. SUCH a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. What a party! Just wish I could have been the 51st person! :)

Understand about future photos of Caitlin, Danny & "Charlie". Makes me a whole lot of sad ! for all of us! darn nasty, mean-spirited person/s...grrr

Jake must have been awesome in his mime roll. I got a sample of that creativeness when he was visiting here last summer. His spot-on imatation of his "poppa" was over the top funny....creative spirit in his soul. Shades of his dad in his youth! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree for sure!!

Birthdays, birthdays! busy time for the Needham family.

Aunt Bluebelle

Cammie Heflin said...

Love the post, beyond irritated about the stalker! Your little family of three is beyond wonderful, they are all truly fantastic people!!! MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

Kristen's mom said...

What a fun party!
I love Zoey's dress.

A stalker? Really, what is wrong with people.

krlr said...

What a beautiful, beautiful party. Your girl is just gorgeous. And you have friends in MO! I'll have to go blog-stal.. Oops, poor timing for THAT term!

[On a serious note that really sounds *miserable*. It was my hub's biggest fear when I went online. So sorry.]

Junior said...

love, love, love all the beautiful pics.

blogzilly said...

The strange thing is that even though I KNOW it is your son...Mime's STILL scare me. Must have had a run in with a Mime when I was a kid. :)

Becca said...

Stalker?? What is *wrong* with some people...? Ugh. So sorry you have to deal with that.

I love seeing more photos of your beautiful girl's celebration, and that pic of Addy and Danny is just too sweet. :-)

Helena Sue said...

It looks like a great time was had by all! You are so blessed with such a beautiful family - thank you for continuing to share your stories with us. :)

Peter Olson said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story, photos, family and love.
Some things, I just have to accept the fact that I'l never understand.
Some things, blessings, I accept without question and am overwhelmed with joy by.
You have given me a lot of "some things".

Justine said...

Loved the pictures! I could stand another post or three of them! What a wonderful day!

Eric W. said...

Hello, Heather! I have been lurking around on your site for some time after linking from Rob Rummel-Hudson's site, but this is the first time I've actually commented...

Your phrase "I will carry some of the other magic of the day in my heart instead" made me think of something that has stuck with me since taking a boat tour of the Napali Coast of Kauai this past summer. The captain used the phrase "Take a picture with your heart", which I thought was so very apt for capturing the beauty of moments that film (or digital :-) ) just cannot duplicate.

I'm very glad Zoey had such a wonderful birthday. Kudos to all who helped make it the special day it was!

Island Baby said...

Gorgeous photos ! Looks like Zoey had a wonderful birthday!! Sorry about the stalker. That stinks!. I think you can block a stalker's IP address if that makes you feel better.