Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Mercy will we overcome this ...

oh one by one could we turn it around, maybe carry on just a little bit longer and try to give you what you need."

So, no real secret that I love  Dave Matthews Band, certainly in my top 5 of all time favorites. And yes, as an almost 48 year old woman, somethings never change and I still wear concert t-shirts. Overkill might have been posting a picture in my third shirt. And besides, didn't wear it this week, these two however, I did.

Anyway, thanks to my resident awesome CD maker, and future son in-law, Matt, I have been constantly listening to Dave's new CD, 'Away from the World'. This new song 'Mercy' speaks to me as a human being walking around in this life, constantly trying to figure out how I can step out of my sheltered little corner and give back to this world and hopefully leave things a little bit better then when I arrived. But aside from that, the words also speak to me on a very personal level and that, to me, is the beauty of music. Interpretation and a mind wide open to take from lyrics and melody, whatever you may need, on any given day.

 I never know who finds their way to my blog, how they even found their way to my blog and why they keep coming back. So with that said, I totally get it that this music might not be for everyone, but the message of this music, that, that should resonate with most everyone.

This video is literally all I have in me today. Actually the truth me told, I have been lacking the motivation to blog all week long but seeing the longer I stay away from blogging, well, the longer it is that I stay away. Know what I mean?

Have a  beautiful weekend everyone.


Stephanie said...

Thanks I was in tears before the song was over.... but loved it ;)

And i know what you mean!!!! Just wandered into Daily Smiles, the Ghost Town! Well next month is October, that might get my butt in gear!!!


Lacking the motivation to post for one week? Ha ha ha. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccck.

Rachel Douglas said...

Another thing we share in it!!!

Rochelle said...

Love me some DMB! Great song. Hang in there sister, praying daily for you. Hugs

krlr said...

Will you still love me if I tell you DMB is not my favorite band? Some songs, yes, & a couple are even on my running playlist - and this song IS really good but I got a contact high at the one concert I went to & that was enough. My sister feels the same way you do, though, & we're still close....most of the time. :)
Your musically unenlightened friend,

Lacey said...

Same here, will you still love me if I say they are not my favorite band either? Doesn't matter, great song! Love you friend!