Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gratitude ...

1. The sky as the sun begins to set. And little girls that try to follow you outside when you go to take a picture.

2. The circle of life.

 Grandchild number two will make their appearance mid February. More specifically, granddaughter, number two. Charlotte is going to be a big sister!

3. Wedding dress shopping with Jessica. Sorry. No photo on that one. Let's just say: stunning. And, I cried.

4. Wedding of a dear friend of mine and a rare night out for Mark and I.

3. Funny Joe-isms, as we call them. And a  dead on statement from Jake on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, with Joe.

"If I was a hippie, I would tell you that you have a bad aura." Jake Needham

And Joe, who obviously doesn't miss a thing and is such a good big brother. Brief dialogue that went on the night we went out.
 Taylor, "Make sure you tell Mom I put Zoey to bed in a onesie."
Joe, "Umm you need to double layer her. You didn't know that?"

4. The show 'Parenthood' is back. Love that show. And 'The Voice' is back and um, I love him:

My husband reminded me that Adam made the cut in one of my other gratitude posts. But come on. You can never be too grateful for Adam Levine, can you?

5. Spending this special time in life with my dad. Although I would change everything in a heartbeat to have my mom back, by his side, as his lifelong companion and best friend, this time I am getting to spend with him is something I will treasure forever. He is one amazing man and he is truly traveling this much unwanted journey, with such grace and dignity. 

6. Taylor Morgan.  Who manages to find the time to check in, multiple times a day, while carrying a full load as a senior in college, student teaching and working. Sweet girl. Amazing sister to one and all.

7. Zoey, without fail, signs 'tub' the moment I pick her up from school and put her in the car. So off to the tub we go, each and everyday, when we get home.  Some of her best and brightest smiles come during that time.

8. My friend Elizabeth did a post the other day and at the top of the post she had an image of the print that sits in the middle of a shelf in my living room. The image, that shelf, remind me of how grateful I am to be a mother and how beyond grateful I am to have had the mother that I had.

9.  Clean carpets. Yep, because after the summer and all the in and out of the house, the constant in and out of the house, they SO needed to be cleaned. 

10. This one is random and beautiful and involves a gentleman that came to fix our garage door more than a week ago and returned today with a present for Zoey. I was speechless. He told me that after he had met Zoey and heard her story, he left and was passing a shop, saw angels in the storefront, and knew he had to get her one. He re-told a story of a radio station he was listening to and how the DJ was talking about  the angels amongst us, hidden in the most unlikely of places, if we only open our eyes, they are right there in front of us. I cried, as you can only imagine, as he stood there and told me how blessed I was to have her. I couldn't agree more.

* The angel is just this itty-bitty thing, but as I told the man, his name was Jose by the way, as I told him, that angel was one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts that I have ever received. And it really and truly is.


Cole said...

Oh I love and relate to so many things on your sweet list. Our girls with their love of tubbies and the NEED for that tangle spray in the picture. Congrats on grandbaby number 2!!! What a blessing indeed! I had tears for you with the angel and the wedding dress shopping as well. And love all the sibling blessings and that you got a night out and time with your dad. Love to you friend!

Michelle said...

Oh I'm all teary-eyed at the last thing on your list. For this man to come back and bring a gift from Zoey - wow. Beautiful list.

The VW's said...

Lots to be thankful for, when we take the time to look for them! Those pics of Miss Zoey put such a smile on my face.....and that story about Jose bringing you a gift....tears! WOW! Very touching! Love and Hugs!!!

Lisa Lilienthal said...

Oh gosh Heather this is the best post - so much to love. I am torn between the angel Jose who brought the angel Zoey an angel, and Joe telling Taylor to double layer Zoey. That is probably my favorite thing. And I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on Adam Levine. Right there.

Also, didn't know another baby was coming! Charlotte's parents having another? Sorry I can't keep up with the brood :)

krlr said...

Let's see if I can max out the comment section:
Cheers to sunsets & little girls who love their mamas.
Congratulations Grandma!
Of course you did.
Date nites are the best & you are beautiful! Love that dress.
I need to get into Parenthood. Do you watch Modern Family? I just started & am hooked - and, weirdly, my 7 yr ALSO loves it. I don't think (hopefully) he gets have the jokes, but he actually asks for it. The only other adult show I let him watch is Jon Stewart so maybe he's developed that sarcastic gene. Or, you know, just inherited it from me.
Your dad. Your children. Your family. Jose. - Hugs to you all.
The tub: we have those exact same post-bath smiles (that I've yet to capture on camera). Love!

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, I don't even know where to start, there's so much good here! So much to rejoice over!

And that last story? Priceless.

Rochelle said...

Another girl! How fun...oh that angel gift brought tears to my eyes. Love those blessings.
Still cracking up on Adam though. Hahaha. Love the Voice here.

colleen said...

So beautiful, this entire post... I can't pick out any one thing as its all so good. Since I know your Dad I will pass on that I am so gratified to hear that he is adapting to such a painful life experience. Please pass on to him that my Dad did the same hard work for sixteen years... I was so pleased that my Dad chose to keep living after my mom died as many lifetime partners who are left are often unable to. I am thinking of your Dad and his journey as well as your own. Love this post!
P.S. What was Taylor thinking not double layering Zoey? next time leave Joe in charge.....!

Jamie said...

I need so badly to make a list. Teary eyes after your post today. :)

Joyce said...

Such a beautiful post and woman you are Heather! So happy to have your connection.

The Steelman Girls said...

Love this post.....I remember a blog a long time ago when Zoey didnt like taking baths and you had to buy her the little baby tub and she loved it...

Anonymous said...

Great posting Heather Every one was awesome. Altho I have to agree with Mark, Adam Levie was on a previous listing... (I also watch that show)

The story about Jose was so touching What a beautiful gesture... That Zoey - she charms everyone who comes in contact with her.

And Joe versus sister Taylor - now that put a smile on my face! And Jake's comment re Joe's bad day.

Had heard from Mark about new granddaughter - wow! Charlotte will big a "big" sister in Feb.

How great you both looked for your date night. (Much needed I might add)

So nice that you are close enough to be able to spend time with your father

Take care


Bea Braun said...

Oh my gosh Jose is making me cry! He saw into her soul. He gets it. Your list is just so incredible - the whole thing. Grandbaby girls, wedding dresses, sweet siblings, special time with dad, date night, beautiful smiles, and well Adam Levine :) What a beautiful post!!!

karen gerstenberger said...

What a beautiful posting. Thank you fore sharing your gratitude with us; I am grateful you did!