Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Christmas. Carol #3 ...

A big thank you to Elizabeth and Justine for the clarification on the origins of ' The 12 Days of Christmas'. Don't know how I missed that in my religious education classes. Must have been flirting with the boy sitting next to me or something. You know how us Catholic girls can be.

And just like I thought, I go to find videos of some of my favorite songs and it just not as simple as that. Not sure why I thought it would be. I guess because the internet has everything and I thought it would be easy as copy/paste/done. Not so much.

Yesterday I played this one over and over as I was driving around town. This version, by one of my all time favorites, is just beautiful. There is just something about James Taylor and his voice and his mellow personality that I love. I think I have been to 4 or maybe 5 of his concerts. Just a classy,classy guy. And you know what else I realized yesterday? You know how people have a 'thing' for actors and movie stars? For me, it's musicians. Maybe back in the day I would have been a groupie or something. Hard to say. Take my unhealthy obsession with Adam Levine for instance. My sister sent me this the other day and it sums it pretty much up. The thing is with him it's not his music I like, not my style, it's just HIM. 

And if they made it into a someecard, you know it can't just be me. Which by the way, on a side note, I have an entire board on Pinterest of these cards. They simply crack me up sometimes.

Okay, back to the carol. This is James Taylor and 'In The Bleak Midwinter', based on a poem by the English poet, Christine Rossetti.

Simply beautiful.


Rochelle said...

Love sweet baby James Taylor! Still cracking up about your obsession with Adam, if only I could wrap him and put him under your tree. LOL

colleen said...

Okay ao I feel as though it is bleak mid winter here in CT (w/no snow on the ground, mind you but spiritually i mean) and you have made my day w/ this song.....
so keep blogging ok? Please know that I am thinking of you as i realize its December and the hubby must be away.... successfully pursuing his craft..
my thoughts are w/ you and your family....thx Heather.. from across the miles!

Anonymous said...

Believe me, one can never go wrong when James Taylor is singing! Beautiful song Heather. Too bad he & Carly Simon (Charlie's all time favorite female singer) couldn't make a go of it sooooo many years ago. Whoo that's showing my age folks!


PS Yes you definitely have a Adam Levine thing going on..

(still say he is a blue/green eyed version of Mark) or is it the tatoos that are doing it?

Anna said...

Beautiful Heather. Was perfect, the house quiet, tree lit and my knitting needles clicking away as I sipped a glass of wine.

krlr said...

(I have a James Taylor thing).
At least we have THAT in common, musically.