Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Days of Christmas. Carol #2 ...

Not quite sure how this 12 Days of Christmas thing works. Was I suppose to start on the 1st of December? In the middle? What exactly are the 12 Days of Christmas anyhow and who figured out where the 12 Days began and ended? And, does it really matter? I think, not so much.

So, here is Carol #2. Slightly bummed on the sharing of this one. The minute I listened to this today I knew this one would be next up, however, only problem, no live video of him singing it in it's entirety. This will have to do. And besides,  come to think of it, perhaps it's not about the seeing as much as it is about the hearing. Maybe sit back and close your eyes and listen. His voice makes me a bit weak in the knees. But that just me.

Michael Buble, "All I Want For Christmas is You".

I did find  a cool little studio clip though of him working on this version. If you are interested.

Already have in mind tomorrows. Off to see if I have any better luck in finding a video. Something tells me the lack of live versions might be a theme of these 12 Days. Oh well.


Elizabeth said...

The twelve days of Christmas are from December 25th until the Epiphany! But by then, we'll be tired of carols, so you should continue on with your lovely countdown!

Justine said...

Enjoyed it!

I do the 12 days of Christmas with my kids. We start on Dec. 25 and go through Jan. 5, then Epiphany is on Jan. 6, and then back to normal life on Dec. 7. :) But I think lots of people do the 12 days lots of different ways.

Peter Olson said...

Your questions got me internet surfing for answers. It looks like Elizabeth and Justine are correct, according to the info on
I had to laugh when I read about all the references there about eating and fertility. (My dirty mind - you don't want to go there.) Next time I hear that song, I'm going to laugh when they get to the part about the "maids a milking". Ha! Ha!
Have a great day!
Thanks for giving me a smile. :-)

Anonymous said...

ok this singer I know and love his voice. He is a throw back to quieter music times. Actually I enjoyed the demo tape - all I can say is Michael,even if it took you 7 months to "get it right", job well done!

Thanks Heather.


JEllen said...

Lol! In the fabric store we do our 12 days of Christmas from July 12 - 25.