Friday, December 14, 2012

“There is a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.' No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

We for sure need to cling to hope, I know I will, but I am sorry to say, afraid to say,  so absolutely discouraged to say, that hope just won't be enough. Something more HAS got to be done. What? I have no idea. Stricter gun control for sure. Right to bear arms? My ass. Sorry. That amendment came when our forefathers were carrying muskets for gosh sakes. Not semi-automatic weapons. And here will be a super unpopular opinion when I put this out there, but how about these video games we allow our young, and I mean young, children to play? Do you know that I am in the minority, if not standing alone, with my older sons friends, when it comes to being the parent to say no go on 'Call of Duty'? And even Joe's friends. 9 year olds are allowed to play those games. Seriously? Sorry but I am not budging. Not an inch.

This morning, for the first time in, well, I won't say ever but almost, I didn't say goodbye to the boys and kiss them. I have been sick and was dragging my feet a bit this morning. Mark takes them to school and heads to work and this morning, they left while I was upstairs blowdrying my hair. I realized 10 minutes after they left that we left without goodbyes and I felt a bit sad. And guilty. I do guilt really well. Anyway, the point is, I recognize how blessed and lucky enough I was to kiss and hug those boys this afternoon when they walked through the front door.

And also today, when I got a phone call from Zoey's school to say she had been crying for over 30 minutes and that they could not console her, how lucky was I to be able to go pick her up and take her home and give her a bath and snuggle with her and then, have her fall asleep on my chest. My sweet and innocent little kindergartener. Home and safe in my arms.

Tonight I will pray, as I have all day, for the brokenhearted and grieving. I only wish that were enough.


Lori said...

My heart is breaking for the families affected by what happened in CT. You are not alone with the video games - my daughter is 11 and my son is 9 and we do not allow them to play Call of Duty or any other violent game - of course we get the "I'm the only one in my class who is not allowed to play it" I wish more parents would be stricter about what the kids watch and play.

Elizabeth said...

There appear to be many children who are "the only ones in the class" who are not allowed to play violent video games.

The rest? What more can be said?

Lindsay Marie said...

My heart broke into a million pieces when I heard what happened :( I posted all the names of the victims in a memorial post on my blog; feel free to look at it:

Rochelle said...

Couldn't agree more on the crazy video games. We are standing firm on that one. I am shocked at the times Aidan comes home from a friend's house b/c they were playing something that we said no to. Seriously when will parents stand up and be parents.
Hugs, hope and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need to calm the violence in the world. What about the mental illness? Another piece of this tragic puzzle is the person killing innocent people had a mental illness. Somehow they slipped through the cracks of society and did not get/want the help they so badly needed. Stricter gun laws will not take away the act of killing others. Educate people to help them. I have a daughter with a mental illness. Guess what, I'm doing all I can to get her the help she needs to be strong and healthy. The one thing I'm not doing~putting my head in the sand and believing it will go away eventually on its own. No way, she needs help and we're doing all we can. I hope and pray everyday she can battle this and be a good person. Hope doesn't always take away the evil, it only gives us courage to get up each day and face the truth!

Heather said...

Dear Anonymous.
I truly do understand that component of this senseless tragedy. I really do. I was remiss in not addressing that aspect on this post. I really was. I have a article title " I am Adam Lanzas Mother" that Iay link here at some point. Her words hit very close to he because you see, I have s little boy with a host of issues that allow me to know first hand the day to day life with a child that needs more then most others out there. So I appreciate your comment and perspective and I understand, I absolutely understand as a mom who also clings to hope and courage to help me guide him through this life.

Anonymous said...

Heather - Never, and I mean NEVER give in to this video game plan (Non-use) you have in your household. Yes, I am from the older generation but I have always felt this way about violence becoming commplace in our children's eyes and thoughts. KUDOs to you & Mark - what we need in this country is more from your side of thinking.

Altho I will never understand why this mother took this child to the target range, my heart goes out to her for what has happened. To have your life taken by multiple gunshots from your own child is beyond my comprehension.

20 new angels arrived in heaven Friday morning along with 7 adult angels (yes, his mother also)

Maybe, just maybe now the gun issue will be ammendended to at least stop assult rifes being purchased in our country. If this tragic happening does not do it, it will never happen.

Bluebelle/Loraine M