Thursday, December 27, 2012

These were a few of our favorite things ...

Do you know how much catching up I have to do here? Our East coast family and friends are most likely none too pleased with me. The thing is, my laptop is no more. And me and that laptop, we were close. As in my postings were usually done sitting on my comfy couch, and if it was evening, I was curled up in a warm blanket and well, you get the idea. Now I am relegated to the computer at the desk and although it is a Mac, I am not at all use to it and I can be found or rather heard, cursing occasionally under my breath, my displeasure. But hey, hardly a problem in the big spectrum of things.

So here it goes, a very poor attempt at a catch up.And if you are not family and close friends, probably a boring catch up as well. But have to start somewhere, right?

 Big catch up, first things first news: Jessica graduated from nursing school. Talk about proud. And, a week before graduation, she was offered and accepted, a job in the NICU at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. My big girl will head back to the place of my littlest girl's fragile beginnings and help other little loves hopefully and prayerfully, find their way home as well. Talk about a beautiful full circle of life.

'Pinning', which is the equivalent to a diploma. Her pinning was done by her good friend and fellow nurse, Karen, who has been such a huge supporter and mentor through these last 2 years.

I guess we jump to Christmas now. And there is so much to be said and shared, that I truly do not know where to begin. So I will just post some pictures. Sorry to those of you who are my Facebook friends, this will be a semi repeat. And I guess after this post, and as the New Year is upon us, I will start fresh. Decide the direction of this blog. Regroup and get ready for all the new beginnings. A new baby girls arrival in mid-February and a wedding to continue planning and life, life to keep living. That last part is something I will be focusing on. Living my days. Perhaps changing some ways and keeping close to my heart the lessons of the last 6 months and actually the last 6 years and that is: Life can change on a dime. How will I be living and loving, when it does?

Christmas 2012

We were minus these two this year. They were in Chicago. Spending the holidays with Matt's family. We missed them but were happy to share them. After all, we are blessed to have them all the time.

Book two of my blog. I now have every word and every picture from March 2007 until May 2010. How lucky am I? What a treasure. A HUGE thank you to Caitlin who worked tirelessly to format it all for me. What a gift. Just completely wowed to say the least.

A few of Joe's favorites. He is a ferocious reader these days and he also received a Kindle Fire. Santa was good to one and all and Santa also remembered to slip in a special picture into each of the kids stockings, of them with my mom. This one of Joe was taken on his first Christmas, at the end of the night. I had placed him on my parents floor to gather things up and my mom just sweetly and lovingly laid next to him. Look at his smile. I am certain hers was equally as joy filled.

Led Zeppelin book and DVD were two of Jake's favorites, as well as his Air Popper from Joe. My boy LOVES his popcorn. He also received a Nintendo DS that I am currently trying to pry from his hands. Cuz the kid LOVES his video games as well.

Taylor literally squealed  in delight over her Bon Jovi tickets. A girl after my own heart. And her little sign is for my future teachers classroom once she finds a place lucky enough to have her. Ms. Needham. Teacher. Hard to believe.

Santa brought Mark golf clubs. Not sure what Santa was thinking. I see my husband hardly as it is. Lola, our mischievous dog, who got lost last week, got a much needed new collar and tag. And sweet Zoey received books. Lots of books and only books, because that is what she loves best. These two are ones you record your voice into. The boys did ' Goodnight Moon' and I did the other, 'Wherever you are, my love will find you', by Nancy Tillman. Have all her books and this, this is a must have. Even gave it to the big girls in hardcover.

 Taylor gave me this beautiful wooden picture. The photo is actually printed right on the wood. And yes, I cried. A lot.

Danny and Caitlin and Charlie were at their house in the morning and then at his moms and then with us. Charlie was a blast and so much fun to watch soak in the fun of the day.

This child spread all her joy, as she usually does and especially helped my dad through his moments. Which I must say, he moved through his moments with the most amazing strength and grace.

And my dad just cracked me up as he crawled into the Christmas Eve jammie photo. Big kid at heart. He really is.

Well that is all folks. If you hung with me this long, thanks. Like I said, this was mostly for our East Coast family who we miss and they miss us, especially at the holidays.


Lacey said...

Look like you all had a great Christmas!
I need to get your girls help, because I really need to get started putting my blog into a book before I get too far behind!

Michelle Bogart said...

I'm not East Coast family but I am still glad to see what you are up to! It looks like you had a happy Christmas and I am glad for you!

Elizabeth said...

There is so much richness here and adorableness to bask in -- thank you for catching us up with your busy life and beautiful family!

I am wondering what format your blog book is in? Blurb? I have quite a few bound blog books but am behind, literally about three years and more than 1,000 posts.

Anonymous said...

The East Coast family thanks you for all these awesome photos.

Looks like you all had a great day. Nice that your father joined in the PJ photo Heather.

And many congrats go out to our Miss Jessica - Way to go Girl!! You will be awesome in your chosen profession!!


Bea Braun said...

Blessings abound! Beautiful photos and beautiful memories.

Rochelle said...

Love the catch up, does that mean I'm family LOL!

LOVE the blog printed book and the pic of you and your mother! Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Rochelle - anyone east of California is part of the "East Coast" family! lol


It's Saturday am and yes - it's snowing in Syracuse!! Again!! One foot of snow wasn't enough I guess - oh well - bring on the hot tea, hot chocolate, firelogs burning and Christmas cookies...
(the skiers & snowmobilers are so happy here in Central New York)!!
Just know that Joe & Jake would be loving it!!!


Kristin said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I sooo love my blog books. I asked Santa for gift certificates for the printing this year :) Have you read my post about blog books - I used Blurb and it was fine, but sooooo time consuming. Then I used Blog to Book - I did a whole year's book during Max's nap - it slurps your blog into book format saving the blog format. So much better!

helmer said...

Not sure if you realized, but your phone number is visible in the Lola tag photo.

I hope your New Year is as wonderful as your Christmas appeared to be!

Lindsay Marie said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the pictures of your mom; beautiful! I love to read as well and love that you got so many books for your kids :)