Saturday, January 5, 2013

Well Hello 2013. Haven't you started the new year off with a bang?

So, here's the thing. I had an entirely different post ready to publish for the beginning of the new year. Began it. Almost finished it. And then was sidelined with life beckoning me in another direction. So I  saved it in drafts, with every intention of getting back to it shortly. Never happened. Why you might ask? How about a house rampant with coughing, hacking, sniffing, sneezing people, just as a start. Me included. And who of course gets hit the hardest?

Yep, sweet Miss Z. What began as a seemingly simple cold, turned into pneumonia. Her little lungs just could not manage whatever strain, of whatever junk, is out there. And this became yet another reminder of how simple viruses for us can quickly become not so simple issues for her fragile little body. And, in the last month, our Down syndrome community has sadly seen a few of our little loves not recover from things that began as relatively benign health concerns. Our kids came with an extra chromosome that exhibits such resiliency in some moments and in others, when they go down, they go down fast. So thankfully, with two antibiotics on board, we seem to have a handle on things. Her oxygen saturation is better and today a recheck of her lungs yielded an improvement, headed in the right direction but we have added a few breathing treatments into the mix. Just for good measure. But can I just say, what an unbelievable trooper she is? Except for a few uncharacteristic catnaps and early bedtimes, this child has retained her ever present smile and melt your heart disposition.

*This was taken New Years Eve. Prior to the cough taking a ugly little detour.

As for the rest of us. I have bronchitis. Nice uh? Seems like my asthmatic lungs were no match for this particular bug either. This after having a nasty little something that began with a sore throat and progressed to laryngitis, just 3 weeks ago. Finally shook that, only to get nailed with this. But, show must go on. And it has. No rest for the weary. Just an antibiotic and sent on my merry way. House has been de-decorated, de- cluttered. organized and amidst it all still managed to keep the the youngsters and big people fed, clothed, breathing and happy. Or relatively so.

Taylor has a touch of something. But appears to be moving through it easier then Zoey and I. The boys seem in the clear for now. The other darlings, even though they live out of the house now, are here all the time and they too have come down with some variant of what ever we have going on. Charlie girl has been sick on and off since October. Poor girl ... welcome to preschool.

 And Mark, well, he hasn't managed to avoid the germs as he often does. Must be because he is usually working so much and out of the house and instead, at Christmas he has off for nearly 2 weeks. He went back to work this past Wednesday. Felt like garbage at work yesterday and took today off. To which, sympathetic wife that I am said, "How nice for you. I have been sick for 3 weeks and my crappy employer didn't allow me a single day, let alone hour, off."( Just for some clarification on a comment left by Mark's Aunt Bluebell: I am NOT referring to my husband, as my ' crappy employer'. Just making note that stay at home moms  are not technically employed and not paid, and have no real employer per se, so thus, no time off. Not a dig at my husband that I am fully aware is the main bread winner.)

 Sweet, aren't I? It is no secret that I love to give Mark a hard time about his ability, or perhaps sometimes inability, to push through illness and such, and in all fairness to him, I must preface this by saying, he has not been as pathetic as this, but this video still remains as one of my all time favorites. Ever.

"Poor, little bunny"

Kills me everytime.

That's all from the trenches. I will be back. With aforementioned original post hopefully. Still not loving not having my laptop to write and catch up on my blog reading and commenting. But I will get into a new groove and maybe, who knows, maybe the laptop fairy will drop one at my doorstep one of these days. A girl can dream, can't she? I still believe in magic. That should account for something.

At least I think so.


Cammie Heflin said...

We are fed up with all of the sickness too :( so glad Zoey is getting better :) Take it easy and rest yourself (ha ha I know) love from MO!

krlr said...

Ha! I nearly linked to that same video - which you had kindly pointed out to me - during my own run down of The Virus That Ruined December. LOVE IT! Poor little bunnies indeed. Hope you, your family, & Miss Z all recover swiftly.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Heather. Glad you are feeling better but your words to Mark? Your employer? Sorry but I guess he is entitled to being sick along with everyone. He's the main breadwinner so I'd cut him a little slack. You are the CEO of all things at home. kudos to you both!

Hope everyone is on the mend. Flu huge in east, news saying not yet so much in west, but I guess the Needhams are not in that count. Sweet little Zoey, what a trooper..



charity said...

praying your family gets better soon. it seems like this year is really bad for people being sick. i have the flu but hopefully it will be gone soon.

colleen said...

Had never seen that video before, Heather, thx for sharing.. may pass that one on as it was very enjoyable! May EVERYONE in the family feel better soon.... esp Ms. Zoey (so glad to hear she is smiling thru the pneumonia... a very important prognostic sign.)January is good for hibernating here in the east... who would think it would be the same in LA!

EN said...

Praying for beautiful little Zoey. I understand the fear of things that other parents perceive as benign. Cold/flu season is especially scary around here. We keep a low-profile and enforce handwashing/hand sanitizer for all therapists and visitors. Here's to a quick recovery for Miss Z!

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, I love that video and haven't seen it in forever, so thanks for the laugh. Of my two sons, only one shows signs of becoming a man with a man cold, but it's almost exactly like the video.

I hope ya'll are all feeling better very, very soon.