Thursday, March 20, 2014

“If people did not love one another, I really don't see what use there would be in having any spring.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

The calendar reminded us that today is the first day of spring.  For those of us living here in Southern California, I know our seasons are not as distinct as they are in other places of the country but we too see new flowers begin to take bloom, the grass is bit greener now that there has been some rain and there is that undeniable vibe to our days that speaks to a change of season.  A desire to get outside more.  Take advantage of the extended daylight hours and to look forward to the future with renewed hope.

In our home, spring means birthday celebrations.  In fact we will have 4 birthdays to celebrate in under a months time.  3 have already passed.  And for me, another reminder of how quickly time has marched on.  Beautifully so in many ways.

The girl wonder welcomed her 7th year.  We had a rather small little gathering and since the Oscars were that day, that's the theme that we went for and Zoey enjoyed every, single moment.  Including the entire awards show.

And for her birthday, we thought it was time for a new carseat.  She didn't so much outgrow her old one, rather wore it out. Which is true with many of Zoey's things.  It's that slow and steady thing, don't you know?

Next up was Caitlin.  My beautiful second born. Talk about time flying.

Rounding out the March birthdays was Jake Matthew.  Who somehow, over night, turned into an honest to goodness teenager.

  And tall.  Like my height already tall.  He had a video game truck that came to the house.  A bunch of good buddies that celebrated with him and yeah, I think and I think he would say,  it was a really great start to being 13.

It's been so nice to receive comments and emails form people saying how much they have missed checking in here.  Seems the consensus has been, how much they have missed Zoey.  Which I find so absolutely sweet and telling as to the impact she has had on so many people's lives.  In ways I most likely will never know.  Which some people may find odd.  At least those who aren't into blogging and online journaling.  But I know for a fact, since starting this blog almost exactly 6 years ago, so much good has come from this space.  Maybe that is why I have returned.  Who knows.  But yes, thank you, especially to those who have never commented or sent me a correspondence before.  Thank you for letting me know you are out there.

One last picture.  Since so many have been missing their Zoey fix.  A picture from awhile ago.  One collage of a few pictures I took when I was on hiatus.  She really is rare and she is absolutely beautiful. And I do love her.  Heart and soul.


colleen said...

love that you are back at this site.. your original blogging home! Love the update and the quote... believe it or not we have a spring day here on the east coast as well! My Dana turned 13 a few days before your Jake... welocme to the wonderful world of teenagers! May it be pleasant for both of us ( she is as easy going as it sounds like Jake is... we are lucky to have them)

jess said...

Zoey look so joyful in her birthday video...made me smile. It is so nice to see her beautiful face again.
Love the pic of your whole family in the header of the website too.

Rachel Douglas said...


Bea Braun said...

That little Zoey is always smiling and it's just the kind of smile that makes you want to smile back. What a spectacular month of celebrations. Happy happy.

Linda said...

A beautiful series of photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

Linda said...

I wanted to add that Zoey is beautiful!!!

thepiersolfamily said...

So happy you are back and So happy to read about your beautiful family! Xoxox

Jeana said...

Seriously could you children be any more beautiful? I love seeing the baby and younger pictures of Caitlin and Jake. And you know how we love our Zoey fixes!

krlr said...

Many, many happy birthday wishes to your entire gorgeous family!

[I love that all your other commenters are too classy to tease you about your activities every July).