Friday, March 14, 2014

" Out on the ocean sailing away ...

I can hardly wait to see you come of age
But I guess, we'll both just have to be patient
'Cause it's a long way to go, a hard row to hoe
Yes, it's a long way to go but in the meantime
Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you
While you're busy making other plans
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy"~ John Lennon.

13 years ago we welcomed this amazing child into this world. 

Sweet natured from the get go.  A gentleness that remains to this day.

He is honest and kind and compassionate and forgiving.  He is a loyal and steadfast friend.   He is a patient and loving brother and uncle.  And he is a protector and caregiver, already, to the one who requires it the most. At the tender age of 13, he is all that you could ever hope or wish for your child to be. 

Happy Birthday Jake Matthew.  My beautiful, beautiful boy. 


Maureen said...

I remember that birth announcement! Happy birthday to your wonderful son. The world needs more kind men.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jake! Enjoy your very special day...

Aunt Bluebelle