Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upsee ...

I want this for Zoey.  I want it badly.  And hopefully, we can make it happen.

It think the possibilities and potential of this are endless for our girl.  I tuned into the webinar yesterday watched clips and listened to data, research and practical application in other children's lives and was convinced further of what this product would mean to Zoey and how she makes her way through this life.

The positive response to the Upsee has been overwhelming.  So much so that when they go on sale on April the 7th, they have let us know that it will be 12 weeks until it arrives at our doorstep.  Kinda of a bummer.  I wanted it like ... yesterday.  As I told someone today, patience has never been one of my virtues.

Necessity being the mother of invention is no better defined then by reading about how this ingenious product came to be. The Upsee was the vision of Debby Elnatan who wanted to find a way for her son Rotem, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, to explore the world on his own two feet.  She spent years using very primitive prototypes on her own, with Rotem, tweaking and improving, until her older son encouraged her to seek out help with the design.  And so, the Upsee was born.  And wow, I am totally inspired by her and her sons tenacity.  I think her vision is going to be such a gift to children like Zoey.

The price tag is not cheap.  $489.00.  Which puts it unfortunately beyond the reach of many, many families.  Its not exactly easy for us but I think it is doable. There is nothing we would not do for Zoey.  No sacrifice we would not make.  And we think this harness will be worth every penny.

Stay tuned for updates and I am hoping that if we are able to get an order in Monday, I will be able to post pictures and videos of her in action in a few months.

It looks as if I have gone nearly 2 weeks since posting.  Not my intention when I decided to come back to this space but unfortunately, Casa Needham has been CRAZY.  With a husband working into the wee hours of the morning and then getting up first thing in the morning, and doing it all over again, for the last month, when I sit myself down after 10 pm nightly, I just have not been drawn to writing.  However, I have been drawn to this.

  I adore a super hot bubble bath, accompanied by my addiction.  Cadbury chocolate eggs.  Not the kind with the gross, gooey filling.  The ones that are all chocolate with a candy shell.  And make no mistake, it is an addiction.  I have gone through 4 bags of these, solo, since they hit the stores.  That's a problem.

  And you wonder why I run?



colleen said...

so cool, love this post. been up at nite just like you getting rid of a cell tower... which we succeeded in just today. Moms are amazing, this inventions amazing, and bubble baths ( which i did for two hours today, yes amazing).
Can't wait to see you using this with and you are well amazing! happiness to you from across the miles. Oh and i'll send you some chocolate eggs if you run out!

krlr said...

That. is. GENIUS!
I'm so excited for you & Zoey!

Anonymous said...

Kate Leong is doing an awesome auction with all funds going towards a new special needs playground in honor of her son, Gavin. The Upsee is one of the items up for auction.

Reagan Leigh said...

I would LOVE one of these for Reagan, but she's at the top of the age/size chart, so she'd put grow it quickly and my husband may be the only one string enough to maneuver her in it! I don't think she's anywhere strong enough or ready to use this therapeutically as a transition to walking, but I think it would be a gun way to get her upright and moving! Just not sure if its worth the $500 price tag for us! Can't wait to see Zoey in it though!! :)

Reagan Leigh said...

Oh and Mike is the same way with Robin Eggs! Eats bag after bag of them until Easter is over (but doesn't run to make up for it)! And helllooooo, some of us love the "yucky gooey" centered Cadbury eggs!! Deadly!

Rochelle said...

Oh I can't wait until that thing arrives. Girl you can stand to eat a bag or 20! Love you!