Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another day

Yesterday proved to be another pretty uneventful day. Zoey continues to be in great spirits so I will take it for what it is. A good moment. As we know things with these little ones can change on a dime so I continue to practice living in this moment or as a good friend has told me, not one day at a time , one Now at a time! I continue to shudder just a bit as I give her each of her shots. This mornings didn't go quite , how should I say, smooth. Instead of a shudder I did a more.... body convulse! Hopefully this will get easier. It does not help that Mark utters an actual gasp as I stick her.... thanks for that honey! Maybe tonight I take Mark out of the equation. Other then that I am happy to report that things seems alright for now. Please see our addition to our page . Caitlin Sarah stayed up until 2:35, to be exact, and did Zoey's video. We think it is absolutely beautiful! She did an amazing job and it is so apparent how much she loves her baby sister. We hope you enjoy it and love it as much as we do.


jeka lee said...


this is very strange writing to you on the computer... i feel like you have facebook or something. you seemed to be in a very cheery mood when i talked to you earlier, i think this blog is therapeutic :) give the children kisses for me tomorrow. not caitlin and taylor. i dont usually kiss them.

j bird

just jean said...

I can hear God's voice in your thinking. Continue the quest to BE. I can try to do that in my life as well. Thanks. Zoey is in the right place. The love of your family surrounds her and keeps her safe.
Prayers and hugs (for Zoey, her doctors, and for your family)

just jean