Saturday, March 29, 2008

Calm before the storm

I am not sure what I was expecting yesterday but it turned out to be quite anticlimactic. Thank goodness! Zoey's pediatrician gave her her first injection in the morning and then I was on my own for the evening shot. Well, under his watchful eye. Today we do it at home, totally on our own.  Very scary at first and I am sure with the one this morning I will be filled with much trepidation. However, I have no choice. My baby needs me so I don't intend to let her down. She has been in amazing spirits the last couple days and prior to yesterday and thru this morning her seizure activity has been so minimal. I have no explanation other then maybe God is preparing her for the fight she has ahead of her the next couple of weeks. Calming her little body, letting it rest and not be under so much stress. We return to the pediatrician on wednesday and until then we will keep our eagle eyes on her for any of the numerous side effects she may show. We continue to pray that she may weather this storm and that at the end the skies will open ,the sun will shine , a rainbow will stretch across her world and she may be lifted from this fog that has encased her body the last several weeks. Please keep those prayers coming, as it is what sustains us all. We continue to be grateful for all of you who have supported us , both physically and spiritually . We are blessed , Zoey is blessed. We thank you all beyond words, even the strangers who have visited us here. It is through you all that we garner our strength to face each new day.


baby trevor's mommy said...

I remember TOO well that first injection. My hubby & I with our stomaches in our throats. Anticlimatic is good word to describe the aftermath.

We did a once a day shot. Jonathan did the actual injection...I held Trevor & told him we loved over & over. Usually with tears.

I'm just throwing this out there...but a nurse at the hospital gave us the idea to swaddle him. And Trev happens to be a blankie we swaddled him up in his blankie every day before the injection. It helped hold him still...he's very very strong! It helped in our case.

Altho I'm sure numbing cream is WAY better! :O)


ablock3003 said...


It's austin. Caitlin informed me about this blog you have so I thought I would check it out for myself so I can check up on Zoey. I have been saying prayers for her and I think about her all the time. I'm glad to hear she has been doing well. She is one tough cookie. Take care.