Friday, March 28, 2008

Strength for the Journey

I awoke this morning with a certain amount of peace. A feeling that actually surprised me, seeing what lies before us today. I am unsure why today of all days that it comes my way. None the less it is peace. A welcome change from the usual sense of uneasyness that most often inhabits my body. But today I welcome this feeling.  This morning we begin Zoey's first course of ACTH. We pray that she will respond and we will see results quickly however we are all too aware that this may be a longer journey than we wish. This treatment will test her little body at every turn and it will require such dedication on our part to be cognitive and watchful for any possible dangerous side effects. There are numerous side effects,some more significant then others and it is our prayer that Zoey will be spared of most of them. As I sit here, I am reminded of a song from church that has always spoken to me and I would like to share the words with all who have come to visit Zoey's page today. We are asking if you have found your way here today that you pause and say a prayer for this darling child that has brought joy beyond words to her family. A child that is our strength for this journey and who continues to inspire us each and every day with her will power and determination. We ask our Heavenly Father to also be our guide. That with His gentle hand He will protect and cradle Zoey in His loving arms.

I will be, I will be, strength for the journey.
I will be, I will be, strength for the journey.
There is a road meant for you to travel.
Narrow and steep is the shepherds way
and as you say yes letting me guide you,
I will be strength for the journey.
There is a cross meant for you to carry.
There is a cross meant for you alone,
and as you bow down,
In humble surrender, I will be strength
for the journey.
How many times have you doubted my words?
How many times must I call your name?
And as you say "yes"
letting me love you,
I will be strength for the journey.


Caitlin (your 2nd born) said...

Heather Heather Heather---
You are an amazing mommy and I am so joyful and thankful that these are your words. Your strength has also been strength for my own journey.
God is so gracious and mysterious--keep trusting in Him...He is with us always.
I wish I could have been home for today. I'm sure Zoe Muffin is already sleeping but give her a kiss for me tonight when you go to bed.
I love you very much, I will see you tomorrow.
Love love love,
Caitlin Sarah

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Zoey is SO adorable! Thank you for leaving a message on Kennedy's blog. People just never cease to amaze me. All we can do is teach our kids and hope they go on to teach others... sounds like you're doing a good job already! I look forward to following Zoey's journey and will be praying the ATCH works wonders for her!