Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another one bites the dust....

Weekends...they evaporate in an instant. This one especially. Mark started coming down with flu on friday and it really hit him hard today. We all had it a few weeks ago and I really thought he had dodged it. Zoey never did come down with it and lets pray it passes her by this time. Mark has handled not feeling well like most other men...... I'll leave it at that.  Jake turned 7 on friday.He is the sweetest little guy. So joyful,kind and patient,especially with Joe. Dinner here with everyone. Another great birthday celebration,third one in the last 2 weeks with Jessica's only 2 weeks away . My baby will be 21, where ever did the time go? Time does that,much like weekends,evaporate. My problem is, I know how quickly it evaporates but as of late I have not been very good at taking the time to treasure the moments. Something I need to work really hard on so as not to let it all evaporate before my eyes.

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rae said...

love your new blog!