Monday, March 17, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

Often my days can be classified using any three of the above descriptions. Today I will spare you the details but suffice it to say it wasn't pretty. In my house I set the tempo for the day and around here "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" . The stress level around here is palpable. Watching and waiting and wondering if Zoey's darn seizures are going to go away. Is the medicine going to work? It consumes the day and monopolizes the conversations. I try to go about my day as if things are normal,but really, what is normal? Certainly nothing around here resembles normal. Is there such a thing? Zoey has also decided to dislike almost any food that touches her lips. Have no idea where that has come from. We are watching her closely and praying she will snap out of it as quickly as it appeared. Thank goodness she is a good nurser. Mark stayed home today. Say what? Mark,discounting Zoey issues, never,ever misses work. So you know he feels yucky. The other kids? All in all doing well. Jess is finishing up her Jr. year at Pepperdine. Training like a mad woman for her marathon. Side note..... thank you to family and friends who have so generously given to her. She has ,to date, raised $3,320 for the leukemia/lymphoma society. So thank you one and all. Caitlin is on spring break this week. Working at the coffee shop and doing her thing. Taylor has spring break next week and is a stellar employee of In"N Out Burger. That girl works her little tail off. Oh, and she just got her license! Jake Matthew just does his regular 1st grader stuff, happy as a clam just being Jake! Then there is Joe. What can I say? I use to say "if I can handle Joe I can handle anything".  I guess someone up there thought I was doing o.k. because then there came Zoey! Let's sum up Joe to date with ....... today we visited Dr. Kundell,our favorite neighborhood pediatrician ,  I think the term he used was,Oppositional defiance disorder, so yeah, Joe is a hand full! So, as far as my day goes, I will try to salvage what I can and look to tomorrow with no expectations but rather know  I have SOME of the power to chart it's course.


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