Friday, August 21, 2009

Whole lotta stuff going on ....

Another weekend has snuck up on me.I swear life seems to be going by faster and faster,the older and older I get.I seem to always say that there is never enough time and then I am reminded of this quote:“Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” ... alrighty then,no more excuses for me! The weekend is packed but what else is new.First and foremost, making sure Taylor has the last minute things she needs before she heads off to college on Tuesday.Yes,my "baby of the first set" is college bound.Hard to believe and I'll stop there cuz I might just start crying.Tuesday is also the boys first day of school.Third grade for Jake and kindergarten for Joe.People ask me if Joe is ready for kindergarten.My answer is always the same "Is kindergarten ready for Joe?Enough said.Next week starts with labs for Miss Zoey first thing Monday morning.Not looking forward to that in the least,given the fiasco and near mental breakdown( me!) of 2 weeks ago.But what am I to do?Got to do what we got to do.Zoey also has evaluations at CCS.CCS is a state program with services geared especially towards children like Zoey to help them find their way.We are so fortunate to have qualified for services, as it is normally based on income but in Zoey's case her status on the medical waiver and diagnosis of hemiplegia gets her in.I am most exited to get input and guidance in their medical equipment department.We are really seeing a need for a chair/adaptive stroller and seating for Zoey.We need to get her up and participating more in the world around her.She wants so badly to be down but her only mode of transportation is rolling and using her little legs against walls and objects to pivot and maneuver from one place to another.Ask Lacey and Ray ... they have seen her in action.Quite remarkable how she has compensated for her deficits.Hopefully we will have that equipment before years end.I think it will make a difference in Zoey's frustration in not being up and in the action.We also pick up her Sure Steps next week.Throw in five days of therapy and that is one full week.And that's just Zoeys deal ... I haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg for the rest of them!Oh,it just dawned on me ... AND My sister in-law and niece come on Thursday ... almost forgot about that.No offense Lisa and Michelle,just lost you a bit in the craziness.Let's see, have I forgotten anything?I am certain I did.I'll report on the rest another day.Just putting that in writing has exhausted me.Have a beautiful weekend everyone.Enjoy each other and throw in a prayer or two for Zoey if you would.I am not sure my heart can take a repeat performance.In fact,I know it can't.

*I cleaned the alcove in our closet and made Zoey a little space.She's not sure what to make of it.I am going to hang a sign that we had from her first birthday party which said:"Princess Parking All others will be TOAD".Zoey is not at a stage where she is able to play independently by any means but one day I have a dream that she'll spy her little space,light up,climb in her chair all by herself and play away.It is so hard keeping her occupied because Zoey is so not a toy person.Not at all.She likes people,their faces,their voices,the boys chaotic play,being held by them.Only people.That's her thing.Take for instance the picture of her and the nifty toy I saw on a darling girls blog.I ran out,bought that sucker and well,the novelty has worn off already.She just shows absolutely no interest in toys.Throws them most of the time and smiles while doing it.Books she likes.Music she likes.Toys she doesn't.Oh well ... the social butterfly in her makes up for it and keeps her content.If Zoey has a room full of people to play with and put on a show on for,she is all good!

*Bracelets ... didn't go out.sorry:(!Tomorrow ... for sure.


Denise said...

Oh Miss Zoey....looking cute as ever! I love her little space. Girl, I am with you on the lab work. I need to go get Ella's done again in the next week or two and part of me just doesn't want to so that I don't have to go through any follow up like the last time. But I know ignorance is no good for any of us. We will just have to pray for each other!!! I can't believe that summer is pretty much over and we didn't manage to get together. I am truly bummed. Can you think of any possibilities for us????

stephanie said...

Well, I'm not complaining about my schedule anymore, you win!
BTW, Emilia is not a toy kid either.I was blaming myself for not having "appropriate toys". Her PT keeps telling me she sould be playing with this or that.So I get this or that and Em has no interest.What she does have an interest in is people, faces, music, real life.
I think our loves are on the right track... it's way more fun than blocks!
Prayers,and kisses to Miss Zoey and to all!

The VW's said...

Remember to breathe during your crazy, busy week! WHEW!

As always, Miss Zoey has me smiling! Give her a squeeze from Gavin and me! HUGS!

MoonDog said...

she sure is beautiful

Bea Braun said...

So very cute. I love the picture of Zoey looking at the boys. Pure joy and love in her eyes. It will be interesting to see what happens when all of her "toys" go back to school. Good thing you're keeping her busy with all the therapies! We will be saying more than just a few prayers for good numbers and good health.

Anonymous said...

Heather - Busy, busy household as usual. Love Zoey's new little "space". Bet she will learn to love it in time. Books and people are good. Toys - oh well....."Social butterfly" - that's a great name for her - it fits her perfectly by seeing all the photos.

Speaking of photos - love the one with big brothers Joe & Jake on the couch. You can see she loves those bros!

And Taylor - yikes! college bound! Have a great, successful year youngest of the "Older" set. Altho 18, 20 and 22 are not old from my point of view....

And - boys have an awesome year. Does Joe go all day, or are there still half days (kindergarten) out in Ca?

And I know FOR SURE!!!.... Lisa & Michelle are so looking forward to being part of the "hectic" household. May stow myself away in a suitcase.... some day Aunt Bluebelle will make it.

And lastly, a prayer for Miss Zoey and you (& Mark) on Monday's hospital trip. My fingers (&toes are crossed that all goes well)

Love & hugs to EVERYONE!

Aunt Bluebelle/Loraine

scrappy quilter said...

I love the pictures of Zoey. The first one is especially priceless. M didn't like or play with toys either. Oh how I wish he had. Love the little alcove...the chair is so cute.

I'll continue praying for your sweet little angel.

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, that cute little space you made up for Zoey reminds me of my first!
She has better stuff though, mine was furnished with two cute little blow up chairs :)

.. as far as labs, take a deep breath, don't say you can't handle it. You're a strong one. Where do you think Miss Zoey got that tough streak from anyway?
God willing things will go smoothly, but if they don't.. you'll rise to occasion as always, and we'll be right here to help hold you up.
Cuz that's what we do.

blogzilly said...

The waivers states offer are lifesavers, I wondered if you had been able to secure it for Zoey. We just did for Bennett in Ohio. It might only be temporary, but it was something I wanted to do in the event his condition does not improve after surgery.

You got a busy week ahead!

Kele said...

You don't have nearly enough to do!!! So start planning a trip to Texas, someone ACHES to spend days being 'us' together!! Just love when we get those chances to talk, I sure do like 'us', we're a funny pair don't cha think?!
LOVE LOVE LOVE you girl, give Taylor a hug for me, so happy she is flying, give Z a kiss and I will be harrassing you for answers on Monday and Wednesday respectfully... LOL!

Reagan Leigh said...

Darling pics! How cute is she, sitting next to Rody?!?! I know all about being busy and I only have one child!!! Things will settle down soon enough...hang in there!

Kristy said...

I love the way Zoey looks so intent on whats going on with her brothers!! Her little space is precious!!! Hope you are having a fantastick weekend with your family!!! xoxxo