Monday, February 21, 2011

Strep and a blind date ... interesting combo,uh?

Tuesday evening Zoey started getting weird on me.Nothing glaringly wrong that I could put my finger on.Her hands and feet had this scary,darker and deeper than usual,purple hue to them and to further my confusion, she started with this gaggy/retchy movement that only parents with kids with Nissen wraps can really relate to.She passed out at 5pm and I didn't hear from her till 6 am.

Woke with what seemed like a cold and I figured that was that.Enter Jake.Wakes for school,sore throat and tummy ache,same as the day before but me,mean mother that I am,if you aren't puking and don't have a fever, you are going to school.I decided 2 days of the same symptoms,warranted home and so it went, for the following 3 days with what appeared to be,nothing more than colds.Joe went to school each day.He seemed fine, as he had the same sore throat and tummy ache,a week and a half before and seemed to recover just dandy.

By Friday afternoon,I looked to the weekend and thought I best take Zoey and Jake in,just to be sure they were not festering something nasty.2 quick strep tests later...positive on both and I high tailed it back home to grab Joe,because something in me told me,I'd been deceived by that sneaky strep bug again and Joe,most certainly was the culprit from the get go almost 2 weeks before.And indeed, I was right.3 with Strep and me,out of the running,and it is only February,for Mother of the Year,because,seriously,I should have seen it in the King of Strep,Joe,2 weeks previous.Boy I felt bad.Seems that I have lessened my standards for doctors visits since Miss Zoey,fearing my other children,will go through life thinking I ignored anything other than oh say,leukemia.They are on the mend.Jess and I have colds but feel confident it's not Strep.We think.

And, after being housebound,between the sick darlings and the Southern California rain,momma was going a bit stir crazy.Lucky for me I had a rare date penciled in on the calendar.A blind date so to speak,with a fellow LA mommy to 2 handsome boys and one beautiful little "mermaid" Sophie.Elizabeth blogs as well,far better than I,I must say, who I have followed for awhile but had yet to meet.Elizabeth had emailed me awhile back and graciously invited me to a show at the Geffen Theater,called "In Mother Words".So I shed my usual daily attire:




Donned, rare for me, this dress and a pair of black boots:


And went and had a great time.Like a grown up.Which I sometimes forget I am.Great food,wonderful show and more than anything,the chance to get to know a person,that it a weird cyberworld way,was already a friend but now,without hopefully being too presumptuous,now can call a real,in the flesh friend.Thanks again for a great,much needed,outing Elizabeth.Oh and in another,"is that not so weird",turn of events,Elizabeth had given away a pair of tickets to the same show on her blog.A faithful reader of hers,Lisa, was the lucky recipient.So after the show we had a chance to meet her and come to find out,Lisa,doesn't have a blog BUT she does have a son,Cooper,who is 9 and has .... Down syndrome!I had an email waiting for me Sunday morning and we are already planning on keeping in touch and getting together soon .... I tell you ... I love this blogging world.Really and truly,I do.


Lisa Lilienthal said...

And rock that dress you did! You looked better in it than the model. So glad to know you and Elizabeth now!

Becca said...

The SAME thing happened to us a few months ago!!!! Sammi had cold symptoms, which eventually went away, and Steve got really really sick. He went in for tests and turned out to have strep. We took Sammi in immediately, and also got a confirmed diagnosis of strep. If Steve hadn't gotten sick, she would have had it and we never would have known. I felt SO bad, but SO relieved that we found out. Ugh. What a sneaky thing strep is!!

I'm so glad you guys found out and could get everyone treated. That Zoey is a trooper - good and bad for that, huh?

What a fun evening out it sounds like you had! It really is such a relieve every now and then to do something normal and adult-like. I haven't done that in a while. LOL

Rochelle said...

Ugh, no fun with the strep. Glad they are all on meds and hopefully will all be back in no time.
Yeah for grown up blind dates. Sounds super fun and I bet you were a stunner in that cute dress. (Better than the model I am sure!)

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Ah the elusive strep. We had a similar thing happen - ran through the WHOLE family with no fevers and it took us awhile to diagnois it. No worries, I think we've all misdiagnoised our kids! LOL

Glad you had such a wonderful adult outting. So important! And so great to meet/make new friends. I hope, some day, to have the honor of meeting you too!

Hope everyone gets better soon and you don't end up with strep! But be careful, I wasn't really showing symptoms and ended up reinfecting my son because I wasn't being treated and he finished his treatment. if you have a sore throat, you might want to get checked... just a thought.

Shelly Turpin said...

So sorry about strep - have to admit I laughed - that is something I have done. So glad you got to get out and have fun!

another mother said...

I hate strep because it's so sneaky. I once thought my son had a stomach bug because he kept throwing up. After about 24 hours, something or more like someone (God), dropped the thought into my head that I should look into his throat. Oh my goodness, there was no mistaking it. Believe me you are not the only one that has fallen for this. On the other hand, I'm glad you got to be a grown up for a little while.

Angi said...

I HATE THAT STREP THROAT...hope it doesn't hit my house again for a long while...and we haven't seen it since last June (weird for the East Coast!)...the lil' ones get weird symptoms (like tummy troubles) I found that out last June:-( Hope everyone is on the mend... Glad you had some adult time:-)

Elizabeth said...

Ah, yes! You looked gorgeous in that dress -- it's hard to believe that six children came out of you! I had a wonderful time, too, and you are totally not presumptuous to call me "friend." I can't wait to meet up with you again and felt like we could have talked for hours and hours.

Erin B said...

Strep is such nasty stuff, and its so sneaky. Glad everyone is feeling much better. Girls nights out are so wonderful and I agree 100%...LOVE the blogging and all it brings!!

Melissa M said...

Strep is no fun, but I'm glad everyone is gettting better!

I love, love, love that dress. And I am not a dress person at all, but it is so cute! I'm so glad you had a fabulous evening out!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

So, is there a picture of you looking hot in that dress? :) I am jealous that you got to meet Elizabeth. I just need to meet her and her gorgeous Sophie!