Sunday, August 28, 2011


1. The rhythmic ticking of the mantle clock, the only sound to be heard in the house before daybreak.

2. Mom and big girl, dates in Santa Barbara.


3. Charlotte tugging at my leg, asking for "kuggles", which translates to snuggles. Is that not the best?

4. Clean, organized closets. I am a freak like that.

5. Little boys having the time of their lives with their dad in NY.

6. Continued remission for the girl wonder.

7. Grad school and a new job begin for my hardworking son-in-law.

8. Second semester of nursing school for my beautiful first born Jessica.


9. Daughters who shop and cook and clean up for their tired old mom. Caitlin, you are the best.

10. The animated movie "Tangled". I am so NOT a girly movie, girl. Give me a thriller/ drama anyday instead. But this cute movie, loved it. Darling little love story.

11. "Tarzan" soundtrack dancing with Charlie girl.

12. Mall window shopping with Zoey, who waved and blew kisses to one and all.

13. "Snapper Jack's" potato tacos ... so unbelievably good.

14.  The website "Pinterest" I am addicted. And I am not joking. Don't get started and if you do, don't say that I didn't warn you.

15. Charlotte's squeals of delight when her daddy walks through the front door and Zoey who will sign, simultaneously,as the door opens' "dad", thinking it is her's, home from work as well. Never is but melts your hear to see how much she loves him.

16.  Friends on the road to recovery from surgery.

17. "Skinny Cow" ice cream sandwiches. The low calorie count and the pure yumminess of them, have me eating 2 at a time. A problem? Perhaps.

18. Running .. despite a frustrating and a bit scary, development on the health front for me, stay tuned for update later in the week, I will keep this in mind and  continue forward:


19. My pediatrician, who looks with wonder and awe at Zoey and sees the magic in her extra chromosome, each and everytime we cross the threshold of his office.MRSA might be back. In her eye again. We will wait for the culture but I am thinking it is. Bummer.

20. Clarity, wisdom and direction, when I needed it the most.

21. Visiting Taylor on a beautiful Saturday in Malibu, at her new apartment at Pepperdine.


This the ocean view outside Taylor's dorm. Poor girl.


Lacey said...

Man you are one lucky women! How fun it would be to have daughters like that to go play with?
We drove past Pepperdine in June, man whoever goes there must just be hating it!!!!

The Annessa Family said...

I love the quote about running. When I run I choose someone for each mile...sometimes it's a client, sometimes it's for our future little Adelyn's first mom...I just pick a reason to run and it makes it impossible to stop.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos and expressions of gratitude. I'm a little worried about the state of health, though. We need to talk.

And Pinterest? I took one look and quickly clicked off. For my sanity.

The VW's said...

Love your gratitude posts! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of Jess & Matt. Good luck Danny, new schooling & new job. Taylor, have a wonderful year at school Heather, Glad you and the "girls" had some good times this past week.

AND>>>> I don't even know where to begin about this past week's adventures with The "Needham" boys here in Syracuse - Totally awesome, over-the moon wonderful time for all of us! .. Jake &Joe's adventures with their dad,.. Beyond words....
Talk about gratitude - am filled to the brim with it all...

Aunt Bluebelle

Anonymous said...

Bluebelle again.

I forgot to mention - last nite Mark called from car to say they all arrived safely. he had speaker phone on and suddenly I heard little Miss Zoey Grace say "hi" Brought tears to my eyes!!

PS Heather - love those skinny cows in cups. Add some fresh fruit & a few walnuts, I'm good to go!!

Anna said...

heather, will not even click on pinterest. Just cant. Wont. Concerned about the new blip on the screen with your health. Otherwise.... love your list.

Jeana said...

I love these gratitude posts! Thanks for getting me to think about all there is to be grateful for in life.

Bethany said...

I love reading all of your blessings and witnessing how the simple things are also the greatest things in our lives. You have such an amazing and precious family. I will pray for Miss Zoey's eye that the MRSA, if it is such, will stay contained and will heal rapidly without any complications.

Runningmama said...

I run too and I love that quote you posted! Your girls are beautiful! I haven't tried Pinterest and maybe I won't if it's really addicting, my laundry is already out of control so I am guessing I don't need anymore distractions ;-)

Reagan Leigh said... I'm definitely not a runner but I do love me some skinny cows!!! The mint sandwiches are my favorite!!!

Cole said...

Oh goodness- hoping it isn't MRSA- and is easily healed! So funny- when we lived in STL- my husband was referred to as Charlie-boy because our dear friends had a daughter named Charlotte and she was Charlie-girl! Hugs and happy week!

Melissa said...

Loving remission

Avoiding pinterest as I do not need another activity to steal my time

Praying for your health

And disagreeing with you on the ticking clock. That sound drives me NUTS. :)

Shelly Turpin said...

I love coming to your blog - to read in your life for a few minutes

Cammie Heflin said...

I love this post and your beautiful family! Hoping MRSA goes away! I'm about sick about Taylor's view, I seriously need to move!