Monday, September 19, 2011

8th Blanket Delivery to Zoey's 4E Warrior Buddies ...



First, can I just thank all of you amazing people out there that weighed in with your advice and wisdom and sometimes hilarious responses, to my last post. I could not believe each time I checked in, that there was yet another comment. Each were so thoughtful and inspiring, and beautiful and each was a reminder of why I blog and why I have come to love so many of you out there. Many, that I most likely will never meet in person but have connected on levels. that only people who blog, can understand. So thank you from the bottom of my humble heart.

So, yesterday I made the 8th delivery of blankets to 4E at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. When I began Zoey's Heart Blanket Project 2 years ago, I hoped, to make 4 deliveries a year. I didn't know if I could or would accomplish it, and here we are, 2 years later and I did it. But I really can't say I. I have had incredible friends that have pitched in to help make or buy material. When I asked people to forgo buying Zoey birthday gifts and buy gift cards for fabric instead, people not only responded, but they responded with such unbelievable generosity. I have had many people within the blog community that have sent blankets and gift cards and attached themselves to yet another cause near and dear to me. And this cause is so near and dear to me. But it didn't exactly begin that way.

Don't get me wrong, from the very beginning, I enjoyed making the blankets. I loved delivering them and most of the time I never saw who received them, but that was not an important aspect of my giving. I didn't need to see the faces of the children fighting the fight behind those doors. I had seen it up close and personal for 8 months. I know what goes on in those rooms and I know the strength and courage that is needed to do what needs to get done. At one point I thought and probably voiced, " It's only blankets." But that all changed when we lost Christopher. Almost exactly a year and a half ago, Christopher left this world and not an hour after he lost his battle, I received a text form his mom, my beautiful friend Marissa, and she said that Christopher died wrapped in the blanket I made him and that blanket would forever remain precious to her. From that day on, my mindset changed. I make those blankets and I give them and I will never know what purpose they are to serve. It is not for me to know. And of course my heart wants to believe that each blanket will come to be a cherished item, for years to come, for some of these children, however, I now know, their purpose may perhaps be  one that reaches far beyond the fabric they are made from.

I love that 4th floor and I hate that 4th floor. I know I am meant to do more on and for that floor but I have yet to find my purpose and my exact calling there. For now, it is the blankets. And yesterday, I had the honor and privilege of meeting 27 superheroes, face to face.  I am blessed and forever better because of it. One day I will understand what more I am meant to do because of this journey I have traveled with my girl, but for today, this, this is enough.


The Annessa Family said...

The love and hate is something I felt when I would visit Kayla before she passed away. As much as I love the life I could uncover in that nursing home, and the light that she gave...I hated it. I hated what it stood for, and I hated it for the children who suffered inside.

I am thankful for beautiful people like you who do those small things with love that have the ability to make a huge impact.


Karol said...

sent an email, although I don't think it makes an ounce of sense.

Melissa said...

I always love the pictures with Zoey and the pile of blankets! While you will not see all the smiles that your blankets bring, just remember they are there!

Victoria Strong said...

So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - love Zoey's smile - she looks so happy among "her" pile of soft blankets

Aunt Bluebelle

Birdie said...

I think this is an amazing contribution. I am glad you know that they are so much more than just blankets.
My mom is in palliative care right now and has received little pillows made by Hospice volunteers. You can practically feel the love that goes into them being made.
Love the pictures!


Love the photo. And love that you are giving the gift of love.