Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off my blogging game. In a big way.

Seems like I just can't get in the groove of things. Here, in this blog space especially. I go to write and I am stuck and rewriting and scrapping things entirely. Now, in light of my friend Joany, and all that has happened to her precious family, once again, everything seems so insignificant and trivial. I was reminded, not more than 5 minutes ago, by a far away friend, who's email reached me at the very moment when I needed it most, that what I have to get back to, is my gratitude journaling. Because in moments like these, when I see such suffering, such extreme, unspeakable suffering, it is so absolutely difficult to see the beauty in the simple things. I really need to get back to jotting down those 3 daily, 21 weekly, things I am grateful for, or I might just get swallowed up whole by the rest of the crap. You know, lately I love that word crap. And " sucks" is another good one too. Although my older kids will tell you, that I never did let them use that word when they were young and that I use it, and that I use it often, cracks them up. And, another certain 4 letter word, when adding a 'ing suffix, can roll effortlessly off my tongue as well. In fact, string those three bad boys together and it sums up what I feel about some situations as of late. Shouldn't be too hard to plug in that third word, especially for those who know me well. Anyway, I figure since I am not feeling any one thing in particular, I will hit 3 high points for now.

First, we had yet another birthday in the house. Not a hard thing to have, with a family the size of ours. This time, Taylor Morgan is the birthday girl and on Sunday, she hit the 2-0. Ah, twenty, I remember it well. Well, sort of. But what I can remember, for sure, is that I did not have it together the way this girl of mine does. She is pretty amazing all around and once again I pause and try to figure out how that same girl of 20, that would be me, managed to raise such incredible, young women. Perplexing to say the least.Taylor is working tirelessly at Pepperdine in her junior year. Managing a full class schedule, as well as her job with Jump Start. Which she loves. She is a team leader. In charge of an entire group of her peers that teach at underprivileged preschools in LA. The experience she is garnering there will serve her well as she graduates and continues on to complete her masters in Special Education and then, as mandated by a few of her student loans, will go on to teach again, in underprivileged schools for I think, another 3 -4 years. Super proud of her. I don't think I tell her that enough though. Got to change that.

That look of Charlotte's ... classic Charlotte look. Feisty personality. Much like her Mimi's and her mothers!



Next up, a really magical day in Santa Monica at the Party at the Pacific Pier, hosted by Make A Wish and the tab, for the entire day, picked up by the generous beyond words, comedian Kevin James and his wife. Free rides and boardwalk games and yummy food and desserts. An incredible day, with reminders, every where I turned, of the world of pediatric cancer we were dropped into ,3 years ago this month. Faces of mighty cancer fighting warriors. Reminders everywhere I turned, of the special needs community we were dropped into 4 1/2 years ago. Reminders everywhere I turned, that despite all of the above, there are plenty of opportunities to soak up joy around me. There was one final part of the day. A mouth hanging open, end of the day gesture, by Kevin James and his wife, that I want to share, but can't just now. I will soon though. Promise. How is that for a tease? I will give you a hint: It does have a little something to do with Mission iPossible. Speaking of which, please make sure you go check us out over at Mission iPossible. Ken has been busy finishing up our iPosts and with all 20 iPads in the hands of all the recipients, we are almost done with Mission One. Which, makes it sound like there might be a Mission Two on the horizon, doesn't it? Well, you'll have keep up with us to find out for sure, and to learn what my teaser is about and  finally, read two special final iPosts.

Some of the crew with Manny from "Modern Family" ... that show cracks us up like no other!



Sweet Ella Grace, another cancer fighter girl, and Zoey Grace kissing or swapping spit. Not quite sure which one.

 Well, honestly, I have been back and forth on the computer trying to finish this up and at this hour, almost midnight, I think the 3rd item will have to wait. Besides, the more I think about it, it's a post that is better shared on it's own. So that is all, just a round of apologies to all my blog buddies, many of you in fact, who are doing such a stellar job in participating in 31 for 21. Which by the way, I have totally not  participated in, so thank goodness for the rest of you! I also have been remiss in commenting to all my blog friends and for that I am sorry. My body and spirit have been pulled in many directions lately, and because of that, I seem to only accomplish so much on any given day. Hoping those who know me and love us, will understand.


The Annessa Family said...

Its when were at our weakest we start looking up and reaching out. No matter what comes my way, no matter how horrible it seems, I always look at it as a blessing from God. I mean, the worst that can happen is I die and go to heaven? Phhh! Bring it on world! And when I get a CRAPPY diagnosis...well I look around me and know that I am BLESSED to have the diagnosis I have.


The VW's said...

I could have written this post! Well, except for the family part of it! :) Life sure can hand us some hard blows, can't it? I hate seeing the suffering in this world! Brings me down.....but it also makes me cherish so much more! Love to you friend! Hugs!

Becca said...

Wow, once again, so many things to say about this post! My heart is broken yet again for Joany and her family. I think about them often, and now, this week, it's been *constant*. I just can't believe it.

Happy birthday to Taylor! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And what a fantastic event you went to! I love Kevin James, and I'm so glad to hear he's attached to such a wonderful cause.

That photo of Ella Grace and Zoey had me cracking up!!! Love it!


Anna said...

Oh how I love me some Heather and Zoey-girl. You sure know how to rock it!!! This was a fab post. I am glad that you have so many beautiful blessings. I too, am learning to hone my perspective.... its all grace.

Anna said...

oh and one more thing, Dont apologize for not posting in 31 for 21. Look at all you are doing with Mission Ipad. I feel guilty because I am not a part of that! 31 for 21- I wrestle each day with its importance, and what to say without repeating what has been said. We are so new to the journey and have no support system here, so I felt like I HAD to blog about it- it is such a foreign topic to those in my world. You rest while the others of us run the race.... dont worry, we will pass the baton!

Merideth said...

We love you no matter what, and we love reading whenever and whatever you have to offer. You show life at its finest....with all the love and laughter, all of the joy and pain, all of the real it has to offer. Which of course is why your blog is one of my favorites. Happy Birthday to Taylor, and I have said this before but I will say it again, I LOVE that you have a "red plate" as we call it in my family. That was such a staple in my house growing up, the "You are special today" plate. Loved the pictures too!!! ♥

Finding Normal said...

Love all the pictures, and I think you're so right--at times like this, we need to focus on the gratitude. Because there is much to be grateful for. Love the one of the girls smooching, and I LOVE Modern Family, so that was a neat pic!

Rochelle said...

Ah friend, I am so sorry that you have been feeling blah! It is so hard when you see/hear all the junk going on in the world not to be thankful but, God does want us to focus on even that tiniest piece of blessing he has poured on us. They are all around us but somehow we focus on the negative and miss the blessings.
Happy birthday to Taylor, she is truly amazing! HUGE blessing.
Hope the rest of your week is filled with an abundance of blessings.
Love and hugs!

Melissa said...

Joany's loss hit me hard too. Things really do seem so unfair at times. They have been on my mind constantly. Love the picture of Zoey and Ella! Love and hugs!

Shelly Turpin said...

thanks for commenting on my blog today. It's always nice to be understood. I think it is one of the real gifts in life.

Your daughter is beautiful!

And hugs...I wish there was a way to lift you my friend

Joyce said...

That picture of Ella and Zoey, the "Grace" sistas is too cute. Two warriors coming out with smiles on their faces:)

I can't wait to hear about Mission two.

colleen said...

Beautiful post, love the gratitude... helps keep everything in perspective.. on all sides of the country!

blogzilly said...

You do realize that someday we'll figure all this shit out, yeah?

Maybe in, I dunno...2067 or something. ;P

Anonymous said...

great photos - and Modern Family is indeed awesome - haven't missed a show since it started! Roll on the floor funny! Great writers!

PS love the photo with Zoey Grace and her daddy!

Elizabeth said...

I understand -- and so appreciate you posting at all.

Sending my love, encouragement and solidarity --


Siting here eating my fabulous organic grapes when i saw photo of Zoey kissing and almost choked on one. Funniest photo ever. Love that girl! Your kids are beautiful..just like mom!