Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to business ....

The new year is underway and the balancing act begins again. Or did it ever really stop? I crave routine and order, so I am all good getting back to that. Although I could have used one more, just one more week of having everyone home and free from their daily obligations, be it school or work or whatever. But here we are, everyone heading in their own directions. Except me. I am at home most of the day really.When not driving from one place to another, I can be found running, orchestrating, and controlling things from the hub from which the chaos flows.


I am usually pulled in a thousand directions here. None of it really done begrudgingly. Well, maybe the housecleaning, which I do, religiously, but a tad bit begrudgingly. Seems as if I am constantly trying to fine tune my balancing act skills.  Which often is not pretty. No one has ever accused me of being graceful. Aren't we all on a quest of sorts to find the balance in our lives? Whether it is truly attainable or not,  a life in balance, who really knows? Marriage and children. Running a household.Work, as well as pursuits outside our home obligations, as in say volunteering and philanthropy. Friends, "real " and  cyber. Both important and both requiring time and effort. Of all the things I just rattled off, there is still then, complicated facets of each of those areas. Mind boggling facets. And then, there is us. Us, as in individuals. The us that we were before we became who we are today. Yeah, that little thing called, self.

Oh yeah. That little thing. Taking care of ourselves, which has got to get done somehow, someway, or how does all of the above succeed or even stay afloat? I don't have the answer. I think perhaps things lie in prioritizing. For me, that is difficult, because I have so many things that are important to me. And today, my point, cuz I do have one, promise, today I want to touch on one thing that I have come to care about a great deal. Something relatively new and something that I did not see coming. And that has been Mission iPossible.


Never in a million years did I imagine that what started as an intuition deep inside me, about something that just did not feel right, would morph into what it is today. And I know, we over at MiP, as in Ken and I, we know we are small potatoes compared to all the incredible things going on out in this world, but I have to tell you, I am really proud of the things that have happened and how they have unfolded. Really proud of what we have become and what I think we CAN become. But besides the obvious funds and donations, that it takes to keep us going, there is the work that needs to get done to make it come together. And that is no small task when your partner lives almost 3,000 miles away. There are time constraints for one. Be it literally different time zones, or time to put into MiP because we each have lives and families and other obligations. But somehow we have managed to keep it together and we have hopes of it becoming so much more.

I am lucky to have teamed up with Ken. Lucky he trusted me from the get go and continues to put up with me and all my short comings. Because there are many. Especially when it comes to technical/ computer savvy. I really suck at all that. Truly do. But we plug along, with a resolve to see it to where ever it may be going and today we already have in the works, a plan, more than a plan, for Mission 3. For now, head over to MiP and read about Daniel, our first of 2 recipients from Mission 2. And hang tight with us after that. Consider becoming a follower of the blog so you can keep updated on the happenings.  Good stuff is coming and you don't want to miss it.


For now, back to balancing. I have a very hungry little girl at the moment. Well, she doesn't actually know she is hungry but it is past her feeding time. She  has patiently been sitting next to me while I painstakingly have written this post. Takes me forever. As in, I basically one finger type. Well, not one finger but close. Failed typing in high school. Who does that? Apparently me. Ken might want to reconsider who is has paired up with. Girl cannot even type? Full of surprises, aren't I? 


Rochelle said...

Haha you are so funny and you are big potatoes girl! BIG! ♥

Becca said...

For the Super Woman/Super Mom that does *everything,* I think we can forgive the inability to type. Your messages come across beautifully, loud and clear.

The Annessa Family said...

What you've done is just awesome! Love seeing how a little pull and tug turns into something so incredibly beautiful! Keep being awesome!


Anna said...

I used up all my electives taking band, orchestra and art. Didnt even have room for typing. If Id only known! Hugs.... you are gdoing just fine.

Elizabeth said...

I think you should take a typing class. Come on, you can do it -- make the time.

Justine said...

I have often said that typing was the most valuable class I took in high school. At least that perspective helps me not to freak out too much when I am homeschooling my kids...after all none of those other classes did much for me. However I know people who can hunt and peck faster than I can "correctly" type.

You are totally singing my song today. I am so regular and flawed that sometimes I don't know how I do what I do and I hate it when people tell me that I am great. Having said that: You are awesome, flaws and all. Thanks for sharing with us!

I am excited about MiP. I think you and Ken are a fabulous balance each other out. And I really do want to hear the story of the two iPads.

blogzilly said...

I can't type either.

You should see the crazy way I use 4-5 fingers but do it rather quickly.

I should take a class and retrain. It would probably kill some of this pain.

And by the way, you do just fine.

We will need to expand the herd, so to speak, probably to a team of about 6 people I'm thinking, down the road, to make this fly. All bending to the sheer force of your iron will of course. ;)

colleen said...

I'm sure I know the teacher who failed you in typing... and guess what it doesn't matter? You are absolutely wonderful just the way you are.... and guess what I can type(my dad made me take a full year of secretarial typing at Vestal so I could apply for secretarial jobs over the summer if needed - which I never did) but that ROUTINE HOUSECLEANING thing overwhelms me.... Wanna trade skills? Good luck w/ the balancing and wish me the same on this coast You are an amazing mom who I think of often when feeling overwhelmed by "it all" so keep it up! Great post...

Heather said...

Hi Heather. I found this blog and thought about the posts you have written on the same topic. Happy New Year to a woman for whom I have so much respect!