Friday, January 13, 2012

"Once you believe that there is a conscious, knowing soul in there, everything changes." ~ Single dad


 I lifted that quote from my friend, Single dad.  With his permission of course. I read it in a post of his awhile back and it touched me in ways I cannot explain. It said what I wanted to say, but just couldn't find the words. Words to ignite those that are on team Zoey. And, if you can't feel the power of those words, those people on team Zoey, then you need to be gone. Like now. Like yesterday. And as it so happens, Zoey's PT is gone. Revisit this post, if you need a reminder why she is a former member of team Zoey. I went back and re-read and also re-read the 38 amazing comments left for me and well, let's just say, nearly made me cry, the love and wisdom and advice flowing unselfishly over there.


 Zoey's PT from that post, has been gone for a bit now. And I don't miss her. Not even a little bit. And neither does Zoey. Zoey use to fuss and cry and whine and shut down, nearly every time we entered the Medical Therapy Unit. She hated the power chair and she may have not been able to tell her PT that in words but, she told her in disposition and emotions. But her PT had different thoughts and didn't pay attention to Zoey's cues. Zoey's PT had different ideas and she never, in my opinion saw the knowing soul that dwells within Zoey.

But Christian does. Zoey's new PT. I see it in his eyes. I see it in his enthusiasm to share his ideas with me and try new things with her. I see it in Zoey's smile as she greets him twice a week. Never cranky and always willing to work. Really work hard. It doesn't hurt he is a man. Zoey adores men. Must get that from her mom because as I remarked to SD, I actually play nicer with men. Always have. Not that I don't have  incredible women friends but growing up and in high school, a boy was usually my best friend. Not sure the psychology behind that. Maybe "mommy issues", but that is a whole other story.


Anyway, other than my renewed hope in this PT switch, there is also the actual place we are going to for therapy that has me slightly excited. It is a special education school, K-8th, with typical peer models as well as a run of the mill, "regular" school, right next door where the kids can go for a portion of the day and hang out with that population. Although, the school is filled to the brim, with very involved kids, I have to say, I feel like I am with my peeps. I feel a peace when I walk through those doors and I feel like maybe, just maybe, we may have found Zoey's placement for next year. I still need to visit our other options. And can I just say, how blessed I feel that we have multiple options. 5 options in fact. How awesome is that?


The other thing, that nearly made my heart stop, was this:



 Can you believe it? Right there. Right in front of me. Big as life. Our mantra since way, way, way back in seizure days.  A reminder. Each and everytime we walk through those doors. A reminder to take the moments, all of them. Slow and constant. Steady and sure. And chances are, this little girl of mine, will continue to find her way. And the rest of us, right along with her.


To Love Endlessly said...

Wow, I read this post and thought how incredibly blessed oyu are to have such a wonderful network of therapists and a place where your beautiful girl just "fits". Then I read the "other" post. Boy, am I glad you got rid of that last gal and moved up in the world. You need therapists that believe in your child and their abilities. Good for you for being her voice!!!

Kristin said...

Wow. Sounds like an awesome place and perfect place for Zoey.

Salinas family said...

What a heartwarming post! I am sooooo glad the old PT is out, but even happier that you have found such a gem! We meet some incredible people on this journey, don't we? Also happy to hear that you've found such a great possibility for school for next year - it lets you get a bit more excited about it and maybe a little less apprehensive. And you still have 4 other schools you can compare it to before deciding which one is "the one". So happy for all these good things!!!
Lots of love from Logan,

Joyce said...

Goosebumps here. amazing, Amazing, AMAZING!!!

Cammie Heflin said...

I so enjoyed our talk today! I tell you what, the statue says it all. I truly feel you are onto something kiddo! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pix of Zoey with her new PT, pure love! Way to go Zoey, I am MORE than proud of you!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post. It's so good of you to honor those people in Zoey's life that believe in her knowing soul. And the photos were absolutely radiant with that. What a beautiful, heartwarming thing --

Anonymous said...

Look at that smile on her! Someone looks smitten with her neew PT!

I know you'll find the best fit of all of the options it's so wonderful that you have and I know that you will make that choice based on the most important factors but if it comes to the slimmest of tiebreakers, a statue like that might tip the scales if it were me.

Wonderful post. I'm so happy that the work is so rewarding for Zoey, and for you.

Claudia said...

I love the Slow-and-Steady-Thing. I can totally imagine how you felt when seeing it. Probably like us, when there are special songs on the radio or butterflies all around - it`s a sign. You`re on the right track. So happy for you. And for Zoey, of course. She is like the sunshine, so much like the sunshine - of our lifes as well.

Peter Olson said...

That statue is missing a part of the quote:
Slow and steady…
"wins the race."

When a person performs his/her work with passion, dedication, devotion, whole heartedness, professionalism, drive, with encouragement for others to do the same, love for their work, etc…
It becomes obvious to everyone.
And that's the person you want working for you.
It looks like you found that person.

Zoey know's that too.
She is a winner!

blogzilly said...

That's terrific. Is his last name 'Shepard' by any chance?

It's funny. You = 'Mommy issues'.
Me = 'Daddy issues'.

Maybe that's why we can break the mold and be boy/girl friends? Never saw that connection before, until I saw it in written form. Happens a lot.

Nice photos, too. Princess Smiles-A-Lot. New Nickname.

Cheri said...

Heather, I had to go back and read the first post because somehow I missed it..... oh man, so glad you made the PT change, it just "feels" healthy.... meaning I can feel it in your written voice, I can feel it in the pictures of Zoey with her new PT, and I just feel it in my soul. ....You are now out from under a thumb that was squishing hope and motivation for Miss Z. I agree, if a person on the team is not a right fit, bye, bye -gonzie they need to be, like yesterday! This road indeed needs to be walked with those who look optimistically 5 steps ahead of us navigating us there so we as parents can attend to the step we are on and feel confident that our team has the road map ahead firmly and confidently in their hands.

...and the school options, I love that you have 5 options, I love that you are having a glimpse right now of a placement that feels good, and that you are feeling you are amongst your "peeps". There is something so comforting in that! I just sat in an IEP meeting where I was the ONLY ONE throwing out schooling options for Reid and REFUSED to sign the box agreeing to their placement, which I feel may limit him, maybe-maybe not, but I LOVE that you have options and will figure out just the right fit. You know what I l would ove....?? Talking about options and rejoicing in the fact that our 2 kiddos are heading off to kindergarten next year, over coffee, like this month ;). Let's make it happen! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! This is wonderful news! And the look on Zoey's face, she loves this new person who has entered her life. The interaction is soo awesome. You can see the care & wisdom this man has. An angel has once again come into Zoey's life.

And the school - how perfect!
Zoey Grace - 2012 has started well for you: remission, a new PT and school - Love It
Seeing those little legs in her pretty sneakers taking steps brings tears to my eyes.

Aunt Bluebelle

Anonymous said...

PS to Heather (and Mark): This wonderful posting was done on GG's birthday. She is smiling down for sure


just jean said...

I loved this any kind of learning, it's the connection that makes progress possible! And we all know that Zoey has amazing possibilities in her future.

So happy for you, and so excited for the slow and steady philosophy of that wonderful place (and people). So happy for the new therapist...he's in for a great ride!

colleen said...

Magic.. looks like a perfect PT fit to me.Did I ever mention that my sister is a PT and married to her former patient (a quadraplegic who everyone from the medical community said would NEVER walk again).... First day he met her told her he would walk for her and then marry her .. he did... and still does... married 30 years w/6 kids.. that wasn't supposed to happen either (physiologically I mean)
Their son is the Med Student I spoke of in my reply from the "former" post, in which the old PT is left in the dust, where she belongs.
Zoey looks a little in love in these pic's..maybe that's the "secret ingredient" who knows?

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Anyone who does not see Zoey's soul shining out through her beautiful eyes, doesn't deserve to spend time with her! The joy in her face, with this new PT, is incredulous. As Zoey does, Emily always prefers men. We get lots of male nurses and care partners at UCLA, because she will flirt and behave for them! :)

Christy said...

LOVE the standing and the walker!! Way to go Miss Zoey. So proud of you!
BTW, I also love the new look/pics
Love from a HOME in KS,
Christy Pate

Victoria Strong said...

I love, love, love this post. I love when people see the best in our children. I love when they see what we see. And I love that your new PT sees all the wonderful that Zoey is. Love you guys.

Lacey said...

I have to say Ray's a bit jealous that Zoey has found another man! But look at that girl, standing! And she looks like she's been doing it for years! I think Christian is going to do great things!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Miss Zoey, Christian, Heather, Mark and the rest of the family. Just goes to show you that perseverance does pay off.

I think men can be more passionate and listen with their heart. I honestly feel anyone in these career fields need to learn this basic step or bail. Looking forward to seeing/reading about more progress. Keep up the good work Zoey Grace.

Shelly Turpin said...

oh my goodness! The perfect motto and he sounds like a wonderful PT! I am so very happy!

trickycustomer said...

A lovely post(and a great blog). Your daughter has such a beautiful smile. Sounds like a great place - I really hope it helps Zoey. xx

Lisa Lilienthal said...

There is no substitute for that gut feeling that a mama gets - I never hesitate to act on it. So glad this is working out.

Bea Braun said...

Now this PT sounds like he knows what he's doing! The school sounds great! Zoey will let you know if it's the right choice :)


Girl you have me crying!!!

Melissa said...

I love how excited you are about the possibility of Zoey being at this school next year. And all the options you have, just amazing to have that many choices!

I am so, so glad you made the PT switch. Sounds like Zoey is doing so well with the change!