Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A long overdue gratitude post ...

Do you know, there was a time that I blogged daily? Everyday. Without fail. Even during seizures and leukemia. Perhaps in those days, an indication of my need to write and purge the ugliness of my moments. Whatever the reason, I wrote. A lot. These days, not so much. Does that mean I no longer need the outlet of writing? Does it mean I simply no longer have the time or energy to write? Who knows. I have decided to not put much thought into the why's but to instead write whenever I feel moved to. So tonight I write. I write of one of the most effortless things to write about and that is gratitude. For there is always something to be grateful for. As there was, even in the days of seizures and leukemia and that, the acknowledging the gratitude during that dark and sometimes sorrowful times, is most likely why I survived. And will continue to survive, as long as I pause to  give thanks to the beauty that surrounds me. So this week here are a few of the things I am grateful for:

Preparing for a new grandbaby. A grandaughter.  New life. Almost can't top that one can I?

Preparing for a July wedding. Picking up "the dress", reviewing guests lists, cruising pinterest for cool creative ideas, you know, that kind of fun stuff. Jess was in the wedding of one of her best friends this weekend. Mark and I went. Such a good time. Beautiful bride and handsome groom, beginning their lives together. Being there, watching it all, had us all super excited for Jessica and Matt's big day in a little less then 6 months. Hard to believe. Will be here before we know it.

Jessica and the new Mrs.

And Mark and I. Hey, we don't get out much, what can I say?

My dad and his little sidekick. They are little buddies. She loves him and he adores her. She is so good for his broken heart.

When I call my parents house, this is what comes up on my cell phone. Seeing 'Mom', make my heart skip a beat but than I pause and I try to hear her voice and then it comes to me and for that, I am grateful.

Cold temperatures. Okay, I am not exactly grateful for the cold weather however, when I bundle the little love up for school and put on her cute leg warmers I am reminded that those very same leg warmers kept her courageous legs warm during chemotherapy. They still fit her. Almost 4 years later. We are blessed to be here in these days. Even these uncharacteristic chilly Southern California days.

S'mores and ice cream. Two of our favorites around here. Well, me not a fan of the s'mores, the chocolate yes but the rest, not really. But ice cream, that I like. A lot. And watching my kids, love and devour these simple pleasures, that I really love. And that I get to see their faces light up with delight while indulging, that I am extremely grateful for.

My little girl. My almost 6 year old. Who amazes and astounds me each and everyday. She reminds me to take the time to focus on the things that she can do, however small to others or even to me, when I see her want to participate and when I see how proud she is of herself, I know they are neither little or insignificant, they are huge, beautiful amazing things. And that, should be all that matters.

Well, there it is.  And it felt good. And I have decide that if all I get to each week is a gratitude post then that will be enough. More then enough.


Reagan Leigh said...

Love that pic of Caitlyn! Some exciting stuff going on in the Needham family! I know you've been busy, but I hope to hear from you soon. Miss our chats!

Anonymous said...

Great gratitude posting Heather. Looks like you Mark were having some fun at the wedding. Good for you two!

Caitlin - so tiny but whoa that is a huge baby bump - Charlotte cracks me up.

Love the pic of Zoey & your dad hanging out together. I'm sure she is helping him through the rough moments.

And _ may I add a little of my own gratitude please. Sunday at Mark's sister Lisa's house.( celebrating GG) Mark went on his ipad & we all were able to talk & see Miss Zoey, Joe playing the piano for us, and Popa asked Jake to play his guitar for us. - best concert/show I've been to in ages. The best part (so sorry you weren't home) was when she saw Mark's dad - she waved and kept saying "Hi Popa" - We all enjoyed our time. (7 of us) Even their cat jumped up on the chair & Mark held up Lola. Zoey was loving it. She was really rocking to her brother's guitar - Now that is Gratitude Plus 10!


colleen said...

Totally agreed! Beautiful post Heather.. have a good week.

Kaden Epstein said...

Great post heather...as usual...I love getting updates on the fam!

Rochelle said...

Love these posts, extremely grateful for friends like you we have met along the journey. What a blessing you are!
OOOO can't wait to see that baby!

Elizabeth said...

I love each and every one of these -- oh -- and you!

Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...


The VW's said...

Such cute pictures! I love your gratitude posts! Great reminder to be grateful in all circumstances! Hugs!

Bea Braun said...

I am very grateful for your blog because it makes me smile and it reminds me of how important it is to be grateful for all the wonderful things in my own life, even when they make me a little crazy:) Love all the pictures, and it's nice to see you "allowing" more pictures of yourself to be taken. They are treasured memories.

Becca said...

You should never feel like you *have* to blog - I love the posts you write whenever it is you feel moved to write! They're from your heart, and they move those of us reading, too.

I've been a horrible blog reader. I can't remember the last time I actually read blogs with any regularity, and I admit I haven't read yours in far too long! Got some catching up to do...

I love the photos of you and Mark! Too adorable! And congratulations on the soon-to-be-new-granddaughter - so exciting!

I never took my grandmothers' numbers off my cell phone or addresses out of my address book. I like how I pause to reflect when I see them, even for just a few moments.


JEllen said...

Love this post so much. A New Year. A Fresh start!

Melissa said...

I *finally* got caught up and oh how I have missed you all!! I love all your things to be grateful for and there are so many wonderful ones!

I was thinking about you guys the other night as I put Claire to bed and she chose your book (it's her current favorite!) by signing Zebra. :)