Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My life at warp speed ...

It's seriously a good thing that I move fast. Or I would be screwed keeping up with this life of mine. I look back at each week and I just sometimes literally utter "wow". Crazy I tell you. My life. Not me. Well, okay, maybe me just a little. But a tad bit crazy has served me well and been a necessary component to survive this life of mine.

So, how about the high points, cuz I have come to realize that who the heck wants to hear the low points. At least in great detail. Everybody has "stuff". Burdens and crosses to bear. Some heavier then others, which are the ones we need to be conscience of on the days our own troubles seem to be weighing us down. Some are absolutely easier then others. Some people even appear to live a charmed life that we envy and pine for and maybe just maybe, a fortunate few, are actually living that charmed and perfect life. However, that is not me. Not by a long shot. I am flawed. Big time. I struggle with internal pressures and stresses. I certainly have external pressures and stress that I myself wonder how I juggle it all. But I do. Albeit not as gracefully as I would like. Marriage is hard. Raising children is hard. Raising a child that is 100% dependent on you, is really hard. Life is just hard. No one promised it any other way though. So we roll with what we have been given. Complain and vent to those who love us and understand and then we move on. Move onto the beauty. Clinging in some moments to the beauty that is scattered amongst the chaos.

This week my beautiful chaos included:

Oh, so this was a fun one. Or maybe funny, in a sick and at my expense kind of way but definitely does not fall in the beauty part.

 See, tomorrow I will be visiting my friendly neighborhood dentist, who will fix my shattered tooth. Yep, had a craving for something sweet. Not much to choose from. It was nearly midnight, so I grabbed these, which I seriously don't even like. Popped that sucker in my mouth and thought um, these sprinkles are extra crunchy. Well, so not sprinkles, but more like my tooth. That was an excellent way to end the day. Don't you think?

This one is so much better. Promise.

My girl picking up her wedding dress. The dress is simply gorgeous on her. Oh to be 25, blonde and 5'10". I cried when she first picked it out months back and when we went to pick it up the other day, I mostly smiled and thought wow, my baby girl is really getting married but when they put on the veil, that was it. I was a blubbering mess. As the girls in the shop said, as they were handing me tissues, suddenly the pretty dress became your daughters wedding dress.

And the next day found me celebrating the impending arrival of my second granddaughter. Talk about huge life events. Talk about blessed and lucky.

We had the shower at this quaint little place, owned by the nicest french gentleman, in the next town over. Good food. Even better company. And Zoey, dare I say, she stole the show from the guest of honor. Caitlin would have to agree. That child sure loves a good party.

Dinner and a movie with my dad and Jess and Caitlin. Went to the restaurant my beautiful niece works at. Sat at the table right in the kitchen. So fun and then off to see "Les Miserables". Which I loved. Because in another life I would live in NY, and be a dancer and an actress. Neither talents which I currently possess. Not even close.

And in another life I also would be an archaeologist. True story I tell you. In which case, museums and I don't see nearly enough of each other. But lucky for me Zoey is a super little traveler and it's an added bonus that the boys love museums almost as much as I do. We had such a good time at LACMA on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. And it was free that day. Which was even better.

Joe thought that the giant comb that was in a room with some modern art, was hilarious and he dubbed this painting by Picasso, done during his "blue period", as his absolute favorite piece of art of the day.

And Jake, he just wandered and took it all in and the two of them, if you could have just heard their banter throughout the day, well, just cracked me up. Great little side kicks I have in my life, wouldn't you say?

The rest of my week, well, held a little of this ... a brand spanking new drive thru Starbucks AND a free drink. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

A little of this ... some time alone at the park to read. 1 hour of pausing to take some quiet, stop my perpetual motion, me time. Never happens. It's a start. I need to do more of this. Finished a book this week. 'Sarah's Key'. Totally enjoyed it and began another 'Light Between Two Oceans'. Determined to finish a few books a month in the upcoming year.

This little beauty is right outside my front door. Super tiny. The picture makes it look much larger then it actually is. It's a hummingbird nest. Last time one was made in this same tree, the baby didn't make it. I am hoping for a different outcome this time.

I will close with one of my many favorites from the museum. In all honesty, one of my top favorites was the mummy sarcophagus but I didn't want to creep anyone out so I will go with a runner up.

Picasso's 'Weeping Woman with Handkerchief'. Its how I feel somedays. And probably look on somedays as well, if the truth be told. But you know, don't we all have days like that? The key is, swinging the pendulum and getting yourself back to a place of feeling more like this:

After my dentist appointment tomorrow, how about I let you know which one I am feeling more connected to. I am really hoping for the latter. Hope along with me, okay?


colleen said...

WOW... you do live a fast paced life! Bucca de Bepo in LA?... who knew? That is one of our favorite restaurants in Philadelphia which we travel to every year.. have always WANTED to eat in the kitchen but the rest of the family disagrees. Make their lemon chicken recipe every christmas..YUM
Such beautiful transitions for your children... enjoy the tears and the joy!
PS. any sense of smell returning after the flu invaded your home last month?

Elizabeth said...

I'm going to pretend that you weren't just around the corner from us on Monday and didn't call us. :(

In all seriousness, though, there are so many good things happening in your life and in that of your family right now, that it makes me smile. I do think you should expand your alone time/get away, though, for more than an hour. :)

krlr said...

The weeping woman cracked me up - the Madonna is my goal but the other is my reality. Sorry about your tooth but I'm almost as excited about your hour alone as you are (ok, not pleased, just downright jealous). Many congratulations on your gorgeous growing family.

And... the hummingbird. I don't know what to say about the hummingbird but I'm a big ol' softy and now I will expect updates. Only happy updates though, please, ok?

Claudia said...

So nice to be part of your life. Thanks for telling and updating ;-) I want a Starbucks Drive Thru!!!! Or at least drive thru with you. xx

Anonymous said...

Heather - those spinkles which broke your tooth. - aren't they the ones that were sent to the East Coast families for our Christmas eve happening? If so, they are awesome!

Sounds like a good few days - even with side downers happening. Love the pic of Miss Zoey with her hand on Caitlin's baby bump.

PS Remember the saying God only gives us what he knows we can handle. perhaps, right?

Rochelle said...

Oh dear, so sorry about your tooth! Darn those cookies! We saw Les Mis this weekend too and LOVED it.
Love all the pics and the one of Zoey touching the baby bump...Priceless!

Love you my friend and your beautiful crown (it is now Dariya's favorite book, a must read EVERY night!) xoxo

Jeana said...

Like museums do you? Well how about you hop on a plane to Russia and come with me and my new friend to some Russian museums while we wait for our kiddos? That would be awesome! If only:)

Anna said...

We need an update my friend. You know what they say about misery loving company!
What you s said about the wedding dress, really choked me up. Some pretty big and beautiful events happening in your world. (And little, love the hummingbird nest! We were in my parents backyard last winter and my niece found one! It was so tiny! I did turn a bit green I have to admit. We found a little gift box for her to take her treasure home in.) you continue to amaze and bless me. We can do this!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the picture of Zoey and the baby bump!! We did a book shower for Claire too and she has an awesome library. :)

blogzilly said...

In a theme park I believe that is called a Roller Coaster...


Lynn Richards said...

What a joy to read your blog. I can relate on so many levels. Thanks for sharing the good with the bad.

Meriah said...

WOW, do you ever have a lot going on!!! But so much sounds awesome! What a beautiful, beautiful family.